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Microsoft117 Overview of Microsoft Visio
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What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is a powerful drawing and diagramming application. It allows the user to create a variety of diagrams and technical drawings either from scratch or with the aid of templates. By using a visual format as opposed to relying on words and numbers, complex information can be communicated effectively in a clear and concise fashion to the target audience. As a result, understanding is enhanced and outcomes are improved.

Who can use Microsoft Visio?

Once an individual has learned how to use Microsoft Visio software, their skills can be put to use in a variety of ways. For example, in a business environment, Microsoft Visio can be used to display workflow diagrams and business processes. Organization charts can be used by HR managers to illustrate the position of employees within a company or project managers can create timelines to visualise how a particular task is progressing. Financial planners can analyse market trends using charts and graphs or IT professionals can use network diagrams to assist in the creation of complex systems. Building plans can be designed to illustrate the office floor plan, the layout of security systems and emergency exit routes. Furthermore, Microsoft Visio can also have applications in the home environment.

Benefits of using Microsoft Visio

1. Diagrams can communicate information quickly and clearly. This can assist in decision making processes and perhaps contribute to increased productivity in the workplace.

2. By using a visual format, barriers to communication are reduced. The potential for misunderstandings is also minimised. This is particularly important in an environment where multiple languages are used and large teams are required to work together in an efficient manner.

3. When using Microsoft Visio, diagrams can be connected to the original data source. This is because Microsoft Visio software has the ability to integrate with other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Project. As a result, diagrams remain up-to-date and the need for time consuming alterations or duplication of work is avoided.

4. Microsoft Visio software includes templates for a variety of diagrams. This provides the user with a variety of tried and tested options as to how best to communicate their data and ultimately saves precious time.

5. Microsoft Visio training offers a competitive advantage in workplace and therefore offers an individual increased opportunity for career progression. This software has numerous applications in many business fields. The common factor, regardless of the area of specialisation of an individual, is that Microsoft Visio can help to support effective communication and contribute to improved outcomes.

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