Microsoft Oem Software, a Usual Victim of Scams

Microsoft95 Microsoft Oem Software, a Usual Victim of Scams
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Software trade group Business Software Alliance or BSA has revealed findings of its own study that found that for every 10 software products sold via the Internet, about four are pirated copies of original OEM software. The most usual victim of such piracy is of course, the most popular software in the world, the Microsoft OEM software.


To understand the real issue behind this, it would be appropriate if you would be refreshed about OEM. The word stands for ‘original equipment manufacturer’. OEM is a re-branded component of a computer unit. You know for a fact that not all parts of a computer unit is designed and built by a single manufacturer. There are specific parts, like chips, memory, and drives that are made by third party firms.

For example, you are buying a computer unit made of maker A. because Microsoft is the most used and functional software, you will definitely opt to buy the computer if it already contains Microsoft software. That software is known as Microsoft OEM software. In other words, Microsoft OEM software is a computer program that is installed in a computer unit upon purchase by consumers.


Online scams


That is the main thrust for piracy concerns. Because computer manufacturers are always aiming to minimize their costs and maximize popularity and demand from consumers, they always aim to offer the best packages and deals to the market. What else can be better than selling computer units already installed with Microsoft OEM software?


As computer manufacturers find Microsoft OEM software online and elsewhere, they most likely encounter scam and fake copies of the software. Investigations have it that PC makers are not always to be blamed for their patronage of pirated Microsoft OEM software. Most of the time, several Microsoft OEM software packages available in the market look like original products, only to be found out eventually that they are not.


In fact, investigators are also most of the time deceived. They can attest that they, too, can be fooled by pirated Microsoft OEM software being distributed in the market. Perhaps, there must be more stringent and more particular rules and regulations that should be installed and established to regulate the rise of fake Microsoft OEM software.


Fake Microsoft OEM software in emails


The most common form of dissemination and circulation of pirated copies of Microsoft OEM software are through emails. For sure, you are familiar with spam emails. Such mails are proliferating in the emails of people around the world. Usually, headings and titles indicate cheap and marked down costs of particular Microsoft OEM software.


BSA asserts that as always, consumers are thrilled and deceived by cheaper and more affordable versions of products. In the case of software, consumers are more than anxious to secure cheaper installations of Microsoft OEM software, to be particular.


And why not?


Pirated Microsoft OEM software are very cheap. At the same time, they are coming in full and unlimited versions, making them more in-demand and highly attractive to buyers. If you would try buying the legitimate copies, you would notice that they are more expensive. Another setback is that despite the high tag prices, software copies are limited and are not in full versions.


Thus, when there is Microsoft OEM software that is in full and unlimited versions at lower prices, consumers would naturally come across to patronize the products. As for counterfeits against hoaxes and pirated versions, it is always hard to tell if a product is pirated or not. Most of the time, pirated Microsoft OEM software looks exactly the same as the original copies. The features are almost always the same and the overall packaging and functions bear no difference than the original versions.  

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