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Apple iPad Stress Tests
PCWorldVideos asked: How sturdy is Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad? Senior Editor Tim Moynihan applied our grueling set of classic stress tests to the device so you don’t have to…Caffeinated Content
Apple iPad Video
gearlive asked: – Take a look at Apple’s latest creation, the iPad.Caffeinated Content for WordPress
Apple iPad: Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010 Part 1
iPadInsider asked: Apple iPad Steve Jobs Keynote Jan 27 2010 Part 1 I skipped the video right before Steve talks about the iPad.Caffeinated Content for WordPress
The iPad and Velcro, a Match Made in Heaven [HD]
iPadAppReviewTV asked: Gizmodo, “At first, I thought this would be a bad idea. But having watched this video, I kind of want to stick velcro all over my apartment.” [This video was posted by Jesse Rosten at DV Culture ] [Visit his website at]Caffeinated Content
ijustinereviews asked: Yea.. the iPad has been out for a few months and I never did a review on it.. so here are some of my thoughts Leave yours in the comments! ** SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: iJUSTINE SHIRTS!!! WOO HOO!! MY...

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