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Keynote – Bill Gates’ Last Day – January 6, 2008
futureshopca asked: For more videos visit
Microsoft BI: PerformancePoint Server Live Demo
wowmsft asked: Watch this live demo of PerformancePoint Server in action with Microsoft Virtual Earth. The demo shows how you can monitor key business information and analyze data to find answers to your business questions.
Microsoft The Embarrasing moments
macnerd93 asked: I made this, showing all the Embarrassing and Bloopers from Microsoft.
Everything Microsoft doesn’t want YOU to Know about PS3 Pt 2
brandonp4 asked: This documentary is, as it is titled, everything Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about the PlayStation 3. You will hear the reasons I made this film in the closing statement. I guarantee you will enjoy it. If you want to know, finally, everything there is to know about...
Microsoft Windows ad history
TheComputerGuy96 asked: Windows 1.0 – Windows 95 – Windows 98 – Windows 2000 – Windows XP – Windows Vista

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