Library File Errors and Data Recovery in Linux

linux55 Library File Errors and Data Recovery in Linux
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When you start any application on your Linux system, you may come across with the following error message:

“Program name: error in loading shared libraries: lib ***…so. X: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.”

After this error message, the application gets terminated unexpectedly and you can not use it any more.

Reason of this problem

This problem occurs with the applications which are using shared libraries. This problem occurs if your computer has incompatible libraries to the applications or the applications and system have mismatched file versions of libraries.

Another reason of this problem could be the corruption to system files. The corruption could be the result of virus attack. Due to corruption, the application could not access the required files and fails to start.

Regardless of the reason, this error message leads to the inaccessibility of your precious data stored on the hard drive and ultimately leads to data loss. For savin your business critical data, it is extremely important to solve this issue as soon as possible.


To work around this issue, you can use the following two options:

? If the problem is due to incompatible application or system libraries, update them.

? If it does not work, the problem is due to system file corruption and it needs to reinstall the operating system.

Reinstallation of operating system is the ultimate solution of all the system related problems. But it also has a downside which can lead to data loss. Reinstallation requires hard drive formatting and formatting wipes all the data stored on the drive.

In these situations, you need for something which can perform data recovery Linux to recover your lost Linux data. The data recovery Linux is feasible with the application of Linux recovery software.

Linux data recovery software are the perfect solutios of Linux recovery. They can carry out data recovery Linux in all cases of data loss. These software are highly developed and do fast and effective Linux data recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is the best ever made and highly developed Linux recovery software. This software is applicable to each and every case of data loss and executes efficient data recovery Linux.

You can use this Linux data recovery software for all flavors of Linux to recover all sorts of lost files including documents, spreadsheets, library files, application data and many alike. User interface of this Linux recovery software is very cool looking and thus allows you to have trouble-free data recovery Linux.

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