Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners #7 – Formatting Pt.2

MotionTraining asked:

The guide to Excel formatting continues with a look at changing text colour, border styles, print preview and an introduction to Conditional Formatting.

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  1. SomeUsefulVids Says:

    I’ve stumbled accross these videos looking for some advanced tips and stayed to watch a few

    excellent instruction videos very clear with very precise use of language and terminology so as to not confuse (some of the self proclaimed excel gurus would do well to take a leaf out of your book)

  2. doristang1411 Says:

    Thanks for your tutorial, how can I set the condition if the figure at one column (eg. column B) bigger than (might be 50) then that row should highligh to red color.

  3. gonewiththewind001 Says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations. I have just one suggestion: Could you speak a little bit louder please? I turned my speaker to max, and still, it is not quite loud for me. Really appreicated

  4. hiltongal Says:

    You are the BEST teacher!!
    Thank you!

  5. nibiru2012 Says:

    You rock!!!

  6. chocnuts08 Says:

    awesome! thanks!

  7. ashrafkamal1999 Says:

    Good work
    Keep it up

  8. evilchrist213 Says:

    your the best..

  9. Tonty53 Says:

    Interessante la formattazione condizionale.
    Non mi perderò le prossime lezioni!

  10. atp260 Says:

    hi nirajrm and MotionTraining,
    i guess MS have removed the floating colour palettes feature from Excel 2007 just becouse they have improved it: you just need to select what you want to format then drag the mouse over the color you want, then it gives you a sample of the result.
    PS: you are a very good teacher!

  11. MotionTraining Says:

    Hi nirajrm, Sadly, I think that MS have removed the floating colour palettes feature from Excel 2007. Maybe they will bring them back in a future upgrade.

  12. nirajrm Says:

    Thanks a lot for nice presentations….
    I was wondering about the presence of “floating menu” for background colors and font colors in MS Excel 2007.
    Thanks again.
    Keep it up.

  13. bumtrouble Says:

    Thank you. Your tutorials are terrific. You’re a great teacher. I was dreading learning Excel, and you’ve made it really easy.

  14. chpnac Says:

    I wish people that are paying so much for classes can see your tutorials. I have absolutely no excel experience, but you style of teaching is making it so very easy for me to learn. Thank you and I truly appreciate it, I am on the way of watching all your videos, you are turning a beginner into and expert Thanx


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