New Survey: Microsoft Products Run Most Mission Critical Apps

Microsoft64 New Survey: Microsoft Products Run Most Mission Critical Apps
Ryan Springfield asked:

s created a survey of more than 1900 IT decision makers in companies of at least 1000 employees that shows that Microsoft .NET surpasses usage for mission critical applications. It also shows that most of those applications are running on Windows Server as well as that MSMQ has surpassed MQSeries implementations worldwide. 

The primary objectives of the study was to assess:

What types of mission critical applications are in use? “Mission critical application” was left to the assessment of therespondent based on their knowledge of their company’s application portfolio, although email was excluded from possible choices

What software platforms are used to build mission critical applications?

What operating environments are used to host mission critical applications?

The preferred provider for key components of the application platform such as application server, web services / SOA software, message queuing software, and other software categories?

Other important information relevant to mission critical applications such as role of standards and criteria for evaluating solutions

When the participants were asked “What software application platforms do your company’s mission critical applications currently run on?” the majority of unprompted responses were .NET with 35.7% over J2EE or other Java products bringing in only 25.3%. Other application products which scored well were Mainframes, Other Microsoft tools, and Unix, HP, Solaris, AIX.

Another question asked was “What percentage of your mission critical applications run on…” with Windows Server receiving 42.3% with the Unix being a distant second at 11.1%.

The survey also shows widespread adoption of Web Services technologies with Microsoft’s web service technologies leading the way at 31.3%. MSMQ also managed to squeeze out a victory over MQ Series as a messaging platform worldwide, although not in North America.

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