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Jackal33 asked:
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  1. LegendaryNeOJD Says:

    I think you’re refering to LBP winning Best Console Game and Best Social/Casual/Puzzle Game for Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2008.

    I’m referring to the metacritic overall scores where GTA IV on consoles has a 98 overall and LBP has a 95 overall.

  2. Benny2503 Says:

    actual lbp got game cridics award 2008 for getting the highest ratings from reviewer it beat everything

  3. Benny2503 Says:

    casual gaming sux we want hardcrore gaming with a shit load of great sick games which ps3 is doing. wii is casual and there games are shit!

  4. Troublesome626 Says:

    IMO the gaming media here in America are bias towrads the 360 because it’s a American console.. and Microsoft had time & chance to pay them while Sony still had not realesed the PS3

  5. SyphonFilter0 Says:

    3rd party meaning it’s on sp3 too hip hop,they have no games left that’s why they going after casual.

  6. sanandreas6 Says:

    yes microsoft sold more, but who made more????

  7. sanandreas6 Says:

    there are somany thing microsoft said that didnt even come out lmao

  8. DELTABOY04 Says:

    yo HHG Star Ocean is going to flop man…watch sales wise!!! Star Ocean wasn’t a 3 million seller on a 120m+ system most people that have a 360 didn’t buy it for rpgs!! paying for that exclusive is a waist of time!!!!

  9. LaCokaNostra81 Says:

    the 360 cost $2 to make, cheap peace of shit

  10. c3t1f13dgoon Says:

    i heard gears 2 suck…it l0ok lyk it still suck 2 me…

  11. bigpsp Says:

    ps3 is 20+ million

  12. LegendaryNeOJD Says:

    I think the highest rated game in 08 was Grand Theft Auto IV but yeah whoever said LBP is a flop must be smoking something.

  13. whewkid Says:

    sony should bundle killzone 2 and a price cut to 299 and 399 sony will be selling mad crazy

  14. SupremeGamerVids Says:

    lovein the show dude. keep it up!


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