FreeBSD versus Linux 1

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FreeBSD versus Linux

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  1. nettubarona Says:

    Yup, simply put, under hard load, xBSDs can go on for years without rebooting while Linux stick for months. Neither are exactly UNIX, ’cause they aren’t certified by the open group as such, but the FreeBSD implementation is closest to that. FreeBSD focuses on performance, NetBSD on portability, and OpenBSD in security.

  2. pran1zzle Says:

    Hah, nicely put. I love OpenBSD and FreeBSD..

  3. Punisherx64 Says:

    Linux for losers, FreeBSD for users!

  4. MikeyIckey Says:

    This just reminds me how much i miss TechTV

  5. p0is0n0usINSIDE Says:

    If they’re going to compete then I don’t think they should focus on stuff that doesn’t matter like which one installs faster or which one looks prettier doing it.

  6. Ormaaj Says:

    I might consider bsd if i was running strictly a headless server. I’ll be converting this computer from a desktop into a router when I get my new computer so maybe ill check out freebsd. I don’t see anything wrong with gentoo linux for it though. I know its possible to build quite robust network nodes on linux.

    How is bsd for desktop machines? It seems less software is ported to it in comparison to linux.

  7. rootmese Says:

    It is true, mysql run fine in Linux.
    FreeBSD requires a more specific tuning for some applications.

  8. stathisch Says:

    Well the benchmarks actually depend on the software you’re benchmarking.
    E.g seems that most of the times mysql performs better in Linux.

  9. rootmese Says:

    Linux is based on Minix, and FreeBSD is a BSDOS, both are Unix like.
    But I think witch FreeBSD is more simple, the POSIX implemetation is better.
    I use both OS and
    FreeBSD has always been better for the development of projects and had superior results in benchmark tests.
    I like the Linux, but FreeBSD is perfect.

  10. xBICYCLEx Says:


  11. eddyownage Says:

    You DO realize that Mac OS X was based on BSD and is now its own UNIX-compilant OS, right?

  12. xBICYCLEx Says:

    who cares? they are both good and free. better than windows or mac osx

  13. stathisch Says:

    No. You’re completely wrong.
    Both FreeBSD and Linux do follow the POSIX standards, but unlike FreeBSD that has parts of the original Unix code; Linux does not, as it’s a clone.

  14. eliplan312 Says:

    well… FreeBSD is basically Linux, so……

  15. GadgetsnStuff Says:

    you meen tech tv

  16. zattano Says:

    a girl!!! go away!! go!! AWAYYYY!!!!

  17. Ranguvar13 Says:

    …they did. FreeBSD and SUSE Linux.

  18. RPCJerkobi Says:

    God I **** it when they don’t tell you what distro it is!

  19. stayhidden Says:

    Shut up, noob.

  20. SpeeBeta1 Says:

    cool! wait… Where is the Freakin PEnguin (Tux) -linux’s Mascot

  21. undeadjoat Says:

    I apologize,by that I mean go to hell, and what the hell i swear i typed TechTV, oh well I should read my comments before posting. If you cant take random heckling, keep to your self.

  22. Koleraogpest Says:

    Undeadjoat what about learn English, before you are making an idot out of yourself. And if you can read, you’ll also have seen that I posted on my own question:
    ”Arrrr, Teach TV. I could just’ve looked at the video.”

  23. undeadjoat Says:

    screen savers on Teach TV dumbass

  24. Koleraogpest Says:

    Arrrr, Teach TV. I could just’ve looked at the video.

  25. Koleraogpest Says:

    What is this TV-show called?


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