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Jonathan Valentine asked:

Microsoft is a well-known enterprise that owned computer software. The company develops video games for multi-platform such as personal computer, Xbox, and Xbox360. Game developing companies are contracted with Microsoft so more new video game titles are expected to be released monthly. Microsoft is back-up with huge capital and the pay rate of Microsoft game tester is higher than other video game company.


Gamer Testing Ground is a website which offers a membership program. The program contains useful information and tools that guide members to become a video game tester successfully. But the program does not guaranteed that you will be hired by a game company, it gives you a better chance to be employed. The program includes more than 50 company titles with open vacancies. Microsoft is one of their clients.


If you are a big fan of Xbox360 and PC gaming, you have probably aware there are thousand of game titles available on these two platforms which owned by Microsoft. The company also produced video games. Many game developers are working with Microsoft with a pile of pre-release game titles. Game company earns 50 billion of dollars each year so in order to increase their profit margin they have to ensure of their game quality. This is the reason why game company hires video game tester to be an eye-keeper for the product quality standard.


As a matter of fact, many people did not realize that this kind of job does exist. Even if they are aware they do not think a game company would want to pay them for playing their video games. This is an example of an opportunity forgoer. Many game companies are agree to pay game testers for testing their video games to avoid possible errors which are ‘bugs’ and ‘graphic glitches’. Microsoft is a huge corporation that sells computer software and video games, so begin your game testing career with Microsoft has a huge benefit in earning more money and opportunity to work with game developers.

Let me show you how to successfully become a game tester.

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