The Latest and Most Helpful Tips and Tricks of Microsoft 2007 Office Programs

Microsoft71 The Latest and Most Helpful Tips and Tricks of Microsoft 2007 Office Programs
Andy Altaner asked:

ACCESS 2007 (A Database Program)

Layout View. Layout View speeds up the design of reports and forms. You can add, move or remove a field by simply dragging the field around. Sounds straight forward enough, but just TRY doing that in previous versions of Access!

EXCEL 2007 (A Spreadsheet Program)

Create professional?looking charts more easily, even three?dimensional charts. Charting is now also consistent in Word 2007 and PowerPoint 2007 which makes charts look wonderful everywhere with little effort.

OUTLOOK 2007 (E-mail, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks)

Attachment previewing. You can view your attachments from within the Reading Pane with a single click. This saves you time and allows you to view attachments in context with the e?mail message.

POWERPOINT 2007 (The Program that Creates Presentations Everyone Likes to Ridicule)  
SmartArt graphics. SmartArt graphics add dramatic color, shape, and emphasis, and they’re a snap to use.  A  time line? A  process with sequential tasks or non?sequential items? With SmartArt graphics, you can experiment as much as you want by previewing formats before choosing one. You don’t have to apply changes over and over again to find the one you want. And you can customize that look with advanced effects such as shadows, bevels, and glows.

VISIO 2007 (A Diagramming Program)

Connect shapes without drawing connectors. New connector functionality connects shapes, distributes them evenly, and aligns them for you — with only one click. When you move the connected shapes, they stay connected and the connectors automatically reroute between the shapes. What could be easier (not to mention more fun)?

WORD 2007 (Do I Really Need to Tell You What WORD Is?)

Building Blocks. This new feature is a way to add frequently used content to your documents. Select from a predefined gallery of cover pages, text boxes, headers, and footers to make your documents look more professional. You can even create your own Building Blocks to simplify the addition of custom text, like legal disclaimer text or other frequently used materials.

Andy Altaner

Andy Altaner is an Applications Instructor at New Horizons of Boston, concentrating in Microsoft Office programs. He was last year’s Application Instructor of the Year. He changes Office versions only if there’s a huge reason to do so. He’s switched to Office 2007.

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