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carlessc asked:

Three Novell ads
Like Get a Mac campaign by Apple

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  1. djthechosenone Says:

    Fadora ***** I had that on my mac it is a sestem of linux

  2. LTS1287 Says:

    Well you can only run some Windows games unless there’s a mac version or if you’re using a tool like WINE or Cedega.

    Why are macs better? I’m not saying that OSX is bad but the hardware is ridiculously overpriced. Besides, Linux can do everything that mac can do. Except maybe run a few mac only apps but the ability to run a certain application doesn’t define an OS. It would be like me saying that Windows is complete **** because it doesn’t run some of my Linux apps.

  3. LTS1287 Says:

    The ***** playing the role of Linux is really cute.

  4. Dojan5 Says:

    No, though, superior.

  5. smalltowncynic Says:

    very hot?

  6. bardes18 Says:

    me too ^^

  7. Dojan5 Says:

    I like the
    “How long have you been standing there?”
    “Long time” part.
    Especially the “Long time” part, she sounds, I dunno, what is the word?

  8. UrsaMinor12 Says:

    what about solaris, reactos, and free bsd?

  9. dreamsyndication Says:

    I am Linux xD

  10. aidiknocles Says:

    linux is good, it can stand games, navigate by the network, do applications that mean user want and works for terminals. And it is easy to install

  11. tjhynson Says:

    They should have multiple people with linux because there are multiple linuxes out there.

  12. djthechosenone Says:

    MAC is beter i have a mac and it can do all i can run Windows 7 and VISTA and XP and Linux i can run all
    and play any game on my mac

  13. OrdinaryRadical Says:

    Linux actually comes with a fair share of games, and there is always a way to make a commercial game work. I am trying to get an old windows game to work on vista. It is harder to do then to download the needed add-on for linux

  14. pet5467 Says:

    Linux is used to make movies for Dream works Ie Shrek. Microsoft tries to stomp out Linux so it can have dominance that’s why Linux has so few applications, they know that Microsoft wants to keep it that way. Though companies used it now on their desktops so good luck.

  15. CrAzyKitE666 Says:

    Linux- the thing you find in the back of JCPenny for 15.00$

  16. VanSneiwder Says:

    indeed :c
    unfornately people are becoming machines, and they dont want to have freedom, instead they stay what they gave to us, that why linux needs to have a good computer company to deliver them pre instead, at least i think that way

  17. cyborgtroy Says:

    It’s partly the lack of commercial games, but I think it’s mostly just inertia. Most of the big hardware companies ship Windows, and people don’t want to bother getting a system76 or installing Linux.

    And so, even though Linux does all the same stuff, people are all, “But I’ve already got Windows!”.

  18. VanSneiwder Says:

    linux rullez! the best ones to me are:
    granular linux;
    linux mint;
    Fedora and

    linux is much more quicker, it uses less resource and stable!
    the only reason why linux aint the dominating OS its because, it can natevely play all games and its free, kinda funny, when people see its free, they dont want it x) there dumbasses, i support open source 100%
    Go Linux!

  19. syrus2k Says:

    Ugh, these ads are so lame. I use linux and I’d rather everyone just **** off.

  20. Mottmon Says:

    More secure, faster, and better than windows for the most part, but you need to be willing to learn to use it to its full potential

  21. Falken330 Says:

    Its easy for Windows and Mac users to sit and shoot down linux with no real evidence but linux has the best support and community. Community allows the fastest development and growth where as mac and linux are stuck to rigid development. An OS every 4-6 years

  22. LoveMyslf Says:

    lol everybody says it ***** but havent even tried it.. u guys are just weird..

  23. pieceofcake2008 Says:

    Linux/vista dual boot FTW!

  24. supdawg444 Says:

    She should be two feet tall.

  25. Lucario4815162342 Says:



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