Installing Linux on PS3 Pt1

jupiterbroadcasting asked:

Chris goes though his thoughts on putting Linux on the PS3, in this first part of a two part series.

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  1. bigrockstar41 Says:

    can u play games on linux

  2. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    Have you watched part 2 of this video? I used psUbuntu, which is built for the PS3′s PPC Cell CPU.

    Good luck

  3. vettacossx Says:

    Hi chris (me again) hey listen I follow both vid parts and I ran into a error…First I tried a BURNED iso of yellow dog for ps3…no a error No Applicable installer was found….

    Tried EDUBUNTU 7.04 A RETAIIL DISK and it is also NOT APPLICABLE

    can you please just post the exact version of ubuntu i might need to run my emulators (btw i use 2.6 fw if that effects things) also note i have already partitioned my 10 gigs bro :) thanks for your time and assistance already!

  4. mattkingusa Says:

    Nope unless you dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda1 should be fine.

  5. botisatvazero Says:

    not meaning to be a dick, but all game consoles have always been computers :)

  6. beanerico Says:

    could this mess up my ps3 in any way??

  7. rocboyz2120 Says:

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  8. weweboom Says:

    what video editing software are you editing this with?

  9. Kinneballer36 Says:

    Nice Video :P
    When the Ps3 is getting very cheap i will buy another one to instal Linux on it :D

  10. CrackBabyG Says:

    what do you got to type to get back to the ps3 start menu?

  11. ThatsBitch3n Says:

    Can you run steam on linux

  12. speedblaze Says:

    Doesn’t Playstation already has the Video media center already…its almost the same as the xbox media center (pay or rent movies). I can understand Backing up dvd…and possibly Blu-rays…but xbox…COME ON. Buy xbox then…help the economy. lol

  13. geraldladera Says:

    hi, I was reading about cell processors, they work in different ways than an common pc for home or even to work… the fact is: the 8 cores does differents task at differents speeds,. the combination of those speeds makes a promedium speed of 3.2ghz, even the cell processor can work at lower speeds. this technology is not new, its similar to the old motorola`s PPC for apple mac, powerPC`s, G3, G4, G5. the difference is the bus inside the processor and the newest tecnologys to assamble it.

  14. KeatoWayneStrong Says:

    great thinking!!!!!!!!!

  15. krayzgerman Says:


  16. mtr341 Says:

    Playstation 3 is a computer

  17. xXxlllManHacklllxXx Says:

    because today’s pc’s don’t have such a powerfull cpu as the ps3 has. 9corees at 3.2ghz and for 2 cpu cycle a pc needs the cell needs one! It’s uncomparable but the cell is a monster!

  18. MrBearProd Says:

    You know you can get one of these for free? You’ll need to sign up for a free trial (I suggest netflix) and then get some other people to do it too, I’ve already gotten an xbox 360 from one of these before. Here’s my referral link (remove the spaces!!) ht tp:/ /ps3s. free pay . co m/? r=46451439

  19. krayzgerman Says:

    Why would someone want to install an OS on a console, why not simply buy and build an awesome computer?

  20. KnightQuickness72 Says:

    I love the ps3 but im too retarded to listen to this video so ill just comment PS3 FTW.

  21. haqeem18 Says:


  22. hoopz345 Says:

    get a PLAYSTATION 3 for free at my channel

  23. 5422789 Says:

    that the PS3 is fucked because you can’t copy the games, making it only good for rich people

  24. sonyfan007 Says:

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  25. sonyfan007 Says:

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