Microsoft CES 2009 Keynote – Part 4

XG247 asked:

CES 2009 Keynote – Part 4

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  1. jayseepingkian Says:

    Hate MS all you want fellas, they’re not gonna stop making the world a better place. You’re all just brainwashed by the I’m a Mac ads. Things she showed were great to have on my home. That is fun.

  2. AccordionManiac Says:

    This girl is taking away my excitement about win7! lol :P

  3. Broads184 Says:

    i completly agrey with you saying that the inital bugs in vista have been ironed out but seriousley all the mac posts kinda forget who brought home computing to the masses and also the mac uses alot of windos apps u no that word proseser you use for school reports or makeing verious documents yer thats a windos prosser just google around and im shure ull find articales conferming this =)

  4. minitah Says:

    lol its weird to be presenting technology that already exists and calling it the future. MS really drags the industry behind.

  5. tardegrade Says:

    I love the way she says she has an application on her task bar that’s not running and she can open it with, wait for it, “just one click!”
    Wow. You mean just like a desktop icon? Or Quick launch? That’s incredible. lol.

    Looks a lot like a Linux KDE clone visually.

  6. simplyivan16 Says:

    Let the flaming war begin :)
    But seriously, I’m not waiting for anything, I already have a stable OS – Vista. And I know, I know . . . you’re friend’s friend who is a programmer (or something of that sort) said it sucks. But I’m telling the truth when I say that I’ve been using it for 7 months now and have not had any issues at all. Minor problem with my old capture card drivers, but its probably their fault – they haven’t updated the firmware in 3 years.

  7. LlLJAMIE Says:

    Indeed she is xD. But she laughs too much… doesn’t seem focused enough.

  8. UbiquitousGeek Says:

    Why wait when you can get a stable version today?


    Mac OS X. It’s safe to say that most of these “new” features are features from our past, as Mac users. I truly believe that Microsoft is devoid of any innovation whatsoever. The only innovation you see from Microsoft is when they buy another company and acquire their intellectual property. How long are they going to promise us a better Windows and give us a pile of feces? They have no idea what people want.

  9. UbiquitousGeek Says:

    Exactly. Dicking around. A lot of these features are from our past as Mac users. They need to stop fucking around with their UI and fix the damn plumbing. They can slap all of the frosting they want on it, but it’s still a shit cake. They need to just drop everything they’ve done and start from scratch, build an OS from the ground up with the future in mind. They need to build an OS that’s stable and secure before they worry about the sheen.

  10. bosunsfate Says:

    Something is not right. They are so behind where technology is at. They are bringing things to market that have been around for some time. Like years. And their “usefulness” is questionable. Even her own actions were awkward.

  11. shengit Says:

    太棒了 `

  12. kilimats02 Says:

    whats so different than Vista ?

  13. kilimats02 Says:

    I like her a LOT better than any man microsoft presenter

  14. mindyrhinis Says:

    i… i just don’t understand. what are they doing? the mac-like dock, the ‘surface-globe’, the multitouch…

    why aren’t they innovating instead of dicking around? instead of copying apple, try spending more time writing your jokes to make the tumbleweed less obvious

  15. mo8d Says:

    This Boy Is Cool But He Is A Fool Man Like His
    Mother And He Is

  16. caballeroinex Says:

    she’s hot!

  17. xSpectreProductionsx Says:

    Windows 7….meh, it looks too complicated, and pointless.

  18. simplyivan16 Says:

    yeah, she’s a pretty terrible presenter.

  19. simplyivan16 Says:

    I’m really excited for Win7. Using the 7000 build right now and could not be happier with it. It’s got some minor glitches but it’s a whole year from release, I’m sure they’ll sort them out with this many people downloading the beta and sending feedback.

  20. herbg3 Says:

    it’s called “repackaging” and “recycling”… most of Windows is based on innovations made with unix in the 1970s anyway

  21. TochkaZreniya Says:

    it’s been around a long time, you just never used it

  22. Chick6517 Says:

    ohh cool! i would have never thought about that.. or thought to do that.. but yeah nicely done.. and to be honest i never really laugh out loud on videos but this one made ne giggle a little out loud hahah :]

  23. chibilisious Says:

    she stutters too much

  24. photek1944 Says:

    worst jokes ever haha

  25. beko Says:

    hahaha i feel the same
    she’s annoying ! xD


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