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Microsoft138 A Word to the Wise   Consider Microsoft Word Training
Rich Talbot asked:

Whether you are a student preparing a dissertation, a client writing a letter to your bank or an entrepreneur developing your business plan, I expect that you will be using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, to do so. Not only can this program be used as an everyday workhorse but Microsoft Word training can enable you to carry out more advanced tasks.

Microsoft Word is one of the world’s most popular word processing programs and with the release of each new version comes new features to be mastered. This powerful program enables the user to create and edit documents, work with tables, format text, insert graphics, access a thesaurus and dictionary, manage lists, customise documents, perform mail merges, as well as create web pages and forms.

However, using Microsoft Word effectively takes more than just knowing how to type text in a document. Do you know how to format text? How about adjusting the layout? Or inserting various objects such as tables or clip art? Or perhaps merging your documents with databases for mail-shots? Microsoft Word training will enable the user to perform these tasks and more.

Benefits of training

Knowledge of Microsoft Word and its’ capabilities is not only considered useful but is often expected of prospective employees. By not having Microsoft Word training, you will be placing yourself at a disadvantage in today’s competitive market. Employers are themselves keen to make sure that employees are trained to ensure that their business is up-to-date and keeping pace with the competition.

By receiving Microsoft Word training, you will be able to use this program more effectively. As a result, time will be saved and productivity increased. Furthermore, it will be possible to produce professional documents which more clearly communicate the message to the reader. There is therefore an increased chance that the recipient will respond positively to the document.
If you have recently upgraded to Word 2007, training will help you master the changes this version incorporates. Office Word 2007 assists users in creating professional-looking content more quickly with the aid of new tools.

Options for Training

If you have identified a learning need and feel that Microsoft Word training can benefit you both personally and professionally, there are several avenues which can be pursued. Self-learning packages are available in the form of books or on-line training. A popular alternative is to learn with Microsoft Certified Trainers at a training centre or to bring a training team in-house. Basic, intermediate or advanced level courses are available with the additional option of having course materials tailored to your needs.

At the end of the day, you must have the last word on the subject of Microsoft Word training.

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