My Microsoft Zune Review

Microsoft115 My Microsoft Zune Review
Carl Eppsteen asked:

Microsoft Zune doesn’t have as large of a following as Apple’s Ipod, but the Zune is very impressive and its overall design and ease of use has won over a lot of users. Microsoft Zune 80 is a very handy package that offers Wi-Fi music sharing, a photo album, FM radio, video output and more. It is certainly competition and true alternative for Apple’s Ipod. Microsoft Zune 80′s video and audio performance is good.

Zune 80 is a slim package with a nice design. Its storage capacity is 80 gigabtyes and it has a large LCD screen, but it’s still a slim, sleek player. The LCD screen is also protected by an optical glass screen shield rather than the plastic that most players use for their screens. The optical glass screen shield protects the Zune 80 LCD screen from scratches a lot better than plastic. Microsoft Zune 80 comes in many different colors to choose from including: pink, red, black, green, and white.

The Microsoft Zune 80′s navigational pad is very soft and easy to use. It’s easy to browse through a long song list very quickly. You can also browse through photos, videos, and radio stations. The scroll accelerates very fast when the navigational pad is being held down.

The software for Microsoft Zune 80 is also very easy to work with. The Microsoft Marketplace offers many categories of music, detailed artists’ pages, good editorial content, a podcast directory and more. The only thing the Microsoft Zune Marketplace is missing is the television and movie content that Itunes offers.

Microsoft Zune 80 is very affordable. The average price appears to be around $249 for any color. This price is rather good for an 80 gigabyte mp3 player that has good performance. The only problem some people are having with Microsoft Zune 80 is the battery life. The batteries don’t seem to last as long as they should. But all in all, Microsoft Zune 80 is an excellent mp3 player with a good price.

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