Apple iPhone Users Get Busy Signal Buzz

apple64 Apple iPhone Users Get Busy Signal Buzz
Damian Drab asked:

If the new Apple iPhone exceeds expectations in any one category it is getting the hackers off the couch to figure out the electronic key needed to unlock the new phone. When Apple unleashed its newest and unparalleled Apple iPhone device, it was designed to work only with AT&T with the SIM chip included, but locked so the only way the phone will work is with a two-year contract with AT&T the carrier formerly known as Cingular.

While several people seem to love the Apple iPhone and have many nice things to say about it music and video player, being forced to sign with a specific wireless carrier for cell phone and internet browser use has several hackers locked in their rooms searching for the door to another service. Despite AT&T’s threat to prosecute anyone who unlocks the secret to their technology and is able to unlock the phone, the effort continues. Experts predict that within two weeks of the release the Apple iPhone will have been unlocked and being used on other networks.

Currently, the Apple iPhone is somewhat restricted to the United States for no other reason than economics. An average two-year contract with AT&T for over 4,000 minutes of use and unlimited wireless internet access will go for about $60 a month. For the neighbors up north, there is only one Canadian cell phone service compatible with AT&T and, due to less competition, a lesser level of service is going for about $200 a month. Add to that the $600 price tag for an Apple iPhone and this one-of-a-kind device is out of reach for most Canadian users.

The Apple iPhone was unleashed with great fanfare but initial silence by Apple about the coming technology seemed to fuel the hype behind the phone. The concept is a simple one: having every communications device known to man all in one handheld unit. Touch screen technology has been around for years, but having it installed on a device that fits into the back pocket of even the tightest pair of jeans made it one of the hottest, must-have commodities that people just had to have, despite the price and questionable service contract.

There are plenty of pitfalls with the new Apple iPhone, but none of them pose a permanent problem as the solutions will be easy to come up with, if they are’nt already in place, such as the digital camera also working as a video recorder. Easy fixes will be coming for being able to add ringtone the user chooses and will most likely add a better search tool for its address book. These are just a few of the complaints by the first users of the new Apple iPhone that should be easy to overcome.

Users Pushing For Additional Memories

Despite having the capability to play music and movies, as well as roam the internet and send and receive email and offers the functionality of a computer, the eight megabytes of memory has many people forgetting why they wanted it so bad in the first place. There is no place on the Apple iPhone for an additional memory card and its configuration with Windows and PC users is questionable at best. Of the Windows Office Suite, only Outlook is fully connectable with the Apple iPhone calendar. Outlook Express will not work, having some finding the need for the additional expenses of new software.

The battery, not replaceable by the user is another quirk of the Apple iPhone, similar to it music player, and has to go back to the factory for a new battery. Although the battery life has been greatly extended, up to nine hours with movie watching, music listening and browser viewing. A charging dock for the internal battery, which is included, promises to restore the battery from a 10 percent level to 90 percent in under two hours.

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