Pmove and Linux Data Loss Issues

linux77 Pmove and Linux Data Loss Issues
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Operating system commands are targeted to ease the user with respect to some tasks. But due to the incomplete knowledge and sometimes due to little reckless conduct of user, harsh data loss like problems may arise. Linux also offer a set of such commands. One of them is pmove. This is the command which interacts with the physical volumes of the system.

pmove moves the allocated physical extents on SourcePhysicalVolume to other physical volumes. The physical volumes can be more than one in number. This works by first creating the temporary logical volume so as to store all the details of the data to be tackled. Now the data is searched for contiguous nature and for each such found, an entry of new segment at the end of pmove LV is made. This acts like a mirror and the original LV is updated so as to use the new temporary segment.

After this the metadata of the volume group is updated and then the mirroring of the first part of the data is done. If the process moves in sync, the mirror is broken and into the metadata, a checkpoint is written and then the process for the next moves on. After the completion of the process, the temporary volume is removed and metadata is updated.

But this whole process comes with a flaw that whenever any interruption is encountered during this, the weird data loss situation arise, forcing you to look for Linux recovery. So this is always recommended to maintain a backup while performing the operation with this command.

Some of the users also mistakenly mix LVM and LVM2 and then fall in undesirable conditions. However, for all the users facing data loss due to such issues, data recovery industry offers a solution.

This data recovery field says that data can be recovered if no overwriting has not been performed and for Linux operating systems, Linux data recovery software is the way. These software are intended to scan the hard drive with the effective scanning algorithms and retrieve the inaccessible data.

Data recovery can be performed through the interactive interface of these software. The process is safe as these Linux recovery utilities are designed with read-only nature.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software proves as the ultimate product for Linux data recovery. This application works for Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file systems and identifies each type of file for data recovery Linux.

You will be pleased to use the software as the application is equipped with the graphically rich user interface. The software has the ability to perform complete Linux data recovery.

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