[tut] Running Windows Applications on Linux Ubuntu with Wine

EdgyRootStudios asked:

This tutorial demonstrates how to run windows applications on Linux Ubuntu using Wine from http://winehq.com/.

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  1. BoneyBoyX3316 Says:

    no comment

  2. EdgyRootStudios Says:

    From planet Robotika. xD

  3. BoneyBoyX3316 Says:

    lol where are u from

  4. aresproductions000 Says:

    in ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid) wine is in the repository. sudo apt-get intall wine

  5. coppertopshway Says:

    lol leenux

  6. Dojan5 Says:

    Well, apart from kdenlive cinepaint pitivi and kino we also have avidemux, my fave out of all those.

  7. Exotic47 Says:

    Yeah, I shall play some crysis on my ps3!

  8. doublenl Says:

    okay im 13 and at my dad has a mac and at my moms i have a pc and i love windows and how it works with lots of software and i love osx and linux because they look and run alot better than windows but osx is more software compatible so its better but hey pcs have way better bang for your buck you know what my solution is? have windows and linux on your computer then on linux download vmware workstation 6.1 beta and you can use your windows partition in unity like in fusion and use all your files

  9. stormyandcold Says:

    I would have thought that had I not tried windows 7. W7 rocks!

  10. desertman123 Says:

    Linux= Windows with Mac UI and no viruses or shitty trialware.
    Linux dual booting with XP for gaming= Ultimate machine.

  11. desertman123 Says:

    WOOT Indeed!

  12. mjnaik Says:

    sudo apt-get install wine
    terminal rocks!!!

  13. stormyandcold Says:

    Thanks! I try it! :D

  14. FuzzyGhost Says:

    If you’re using Ubuntu Linux, you could also just use its package manager. It is in the repositories.

  15. FuzzyGhost Says:

    Doom 3 can be installed as a native Linux program, so Wine is not needed. Just go to id’s FTP site (idsoftware) and download the installer file.
    I play Doom 3 like that.

  16. ludovitl Says:

    nezrozumitelna picovina!!!!

  17. hacker0wnz Says:

    good video

    thanks a lot!

  18. zelgadiss Says:

    i try paltalk on ubuntu and SUPRISE!!
    but most of the time yu can’t use the program. but that is the good news, cos whenever i did got it working. it start to freeze up.

  19. SilverShadow2k6 Says:

    Nice Tut, thanks
    what is the name of the screen recording application ?

  20. stormyandcold Says:

    I’ve did a test myself to see whether it was possible to install and run without knowing anything. If you can burn a cd/dvd and change bios to cd/dvd drive then you can install linux very easily.

    It’s not that different to windows, updates are very easy as theres a central bank for the version you picked.

    I haven’t managed to get asio to work yet (audigy 2 plat pro) so decided on the ultimate gamers edition 1.4

    Max payne installs and runs using wine just fine. Doom3 didn’t work for me

  21. ManticoreSigma Says:

    1. do you then still have to access windows to install programs? i.e. games and stuff?
    2. does this also work for games without deficits in performance?
    3. how the hell can i learn how to use linux ubuntu without any pre-knowledge or RL guide?
    seeing this, i DEFINITELY want to switch to Linux.

  22. muxi2222 Says:

    Accent sounds South African mfetho! Good video.

  23. HotForNumbers Says:

    I haven’t use them, but you also have:

    blender. org
    kinodv. org
    kdenlive. org
    cinepaint. org
    pitivi. org

  24. darkparodox23 Says:

    i need help. i already installed wine.
    now i dont know what to do with .exe for example: itunes864setup.exe
    help me please.

  25. cunfyoosed Says:


    but the whole point for linux is nothing close to being user friendly..although it’s a good option especially with ubuntu

    it basicly comes with ur average needs so u never have to change anything and the system can run fine for years..hoorah..thts the userfriendly they have; which windows basicly isnt


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