Origins of the Apple Iphone

apple58 Origins of the Apple Iphone
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Although a detailed history of the development of the Apple iPhone smartphone does not exist yet, analysts and researchers tracing the Apple iPhone’s history have made several educated guesses.

The start of the Apple iPhone might be traced to Apple founder and chief executive officer Steve Jobs decision to do more investigation on touch senstive displays, leading to more interactive tablet computers.

Many have noted the iPhone’s similarity to its predecessor the Newton MessagePad. Although hailed for its groundbreaking handwriting recognition, the Newton was seen by many analysts as one of the leaders in tablet technology, but perhaps it was ahead of its time to find sufficient market acceptance. Nonetheless, there are still Apple enthusiasts still using their Newton tablets to this day.

The Newton was nearly all screen, lacking a keyboard, a similar trait which is to be found in the iPhone. This design feature has been attributed to Apple design head Jonathan Ive.

But Apple did not immediately focus on developing the iPhone, after the launch of the Newton and its successful iMac series of desktop and laptop computers. Instead, it focused its energies on developing the iPod digital music player and the iTunes online music store and community site.

It was only in late 2005 that Apple collaborated with telecom giant Motorola to release the ROKR E1, the first mobile phone to use iTunes.

However, industry insiders say that Steve Jobs felt that the ROKR did not turn out the way he expected. As a result, the Apple and Motorola joint product development did not continue.

Apple meanwhile focused its energies on creating a telecoms device which would play both pictures and video.

Subsequently, it was only at the Macworld convention in early January 2007 that Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, a move that would create an uproar and much expectation in the technology world.

Since then, hundreds of bloggers have posted close to 300,000 blog posts related to the Apple iPhone, which gives an indication of the expected excitment regarding the iPhone’s launch.

Starting with Apple’s memorable “1984? commercial during that year’s Super Bowl, Apple’s products have continued to hold the public captivated and keep them entertained with its unique brand of marketing.

The iPhone looks set to wow on the world stage, just as it has at Apple’s developer conference.
Can the iPhone create a revolution in the cellphone arena?

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