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Robert asked:

Microsoft is a very successful corporation which has integrated their systems and applications in basic computers, servers, frameworks and several other types of infrastructure related to communication, business and development.  In order to provide solutions for business owners and project managers who utilize the Microsoft platform several certifications have been created in order to meet the demand for individuals capable of setting up, configuring and taking care of complex Microsoft-based systems but the truth is that Microsoft certification is not only cover the training to handle complex infrastructure and systems but they also provide solutions for applications which are used day in and day out such as the Microsoft office set of tools.

Today we’re not going to talk about the several tests that an individual needs to go through in order to be a Microsoft certified system engineer or a certified system administrator but rather about the fields and knowledge that people are qualified with these certifications have in the way their know-how is applied to business.

In order to provide support for most of the technologies developed by this Corporation several certifications have been created, those include solutions for:

– Server technologies

– Microsoft dynamics

– The Windows environment

– The office suite

– Development and applications

– Systems security

A certified individual may have the knowledge to cover one or several of the areas mentioned above.  Medium-sized businesses and some small businesses which use an internal network or intranet may have several servers set up in order to manage the exchange of data throughout the network, the data may be related to sales, projections, client information, investment, accounting, etc.

A certified professional will be able to set up, tune up and troubleshoot all the aspects related to server technologies were needed the same can be said of those who have a certification related to the Windows environment and as you might imagine this type of solution providers are geared towards small businesses which don’t really have a huge network rather several workstations based on this particular OS.

Certified individuals who know about the development of applications and are capable of applying security measures to build systems are always in demand mostly due to the fact that there will never be a universal application which can solve all the problems within the business, that’s because not all the businesses are the same.  Developing applications and putting in place reliable security measures are just some of the qualifications that make individuals with such knowledge highly qualified to work with businesses that rely on basic to high-tech systems.

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