Red Hat Linux 2

axlio asked:

Red Hat Linux 2

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  1. mmurrer Says:


  2. mmurrer Says:

    I agree

  3. hibernatingbrick Says:

    On a different note, the video editing here is approaching genius – it’s like video turntablism.

  4. 3l337mind Says:


  5. UbuntuLee Says:

    gconf-editor isn’t a registry. It is an add on program that comes with gnome to show everything like the registry.

  6. Darganot Says:

    Well, GNOME has a resgistry…

    But ***** that guy. It’s apologists like that which send chills up my spine.

  7. UbuntuLee Says:

    Your just jealous that Linux kicks window’s *** and for no price. You don’t own windows. You simply pay to use it. That means you paid $100+ for something you don’t own and can’t rely upon. Oh and by the way, basing windows off of the registry was the worst idea ever. The registry is a joke.

  8. Erevolusion Says:

    hahaah thats all i got to say for MS…
    at the end the truth its alway revel.. it just takes time. but wat its time rally. its just an illusion.. just as life i support linux 10000000000000000000- %

  9. arkara87 Says:

    great video great music
    great inspiration..
    linux has taken over the world and in time it will take over and the desktop.

  10. wrestler50000 Says:

    LOL. Well, if you want to pay for software that are poor, then good luck. Vista was ‘apparently’ unbreakable according to Microsoft but once it was released… they were soon back to work on a service pack and/or updates! Lots and lots of flaws! Also, why pay for Office, Studio and other packages when the are Open Source products that are just as good… or actually BETTER. Doesn’t make me a poor, but someone that has control over my system!

  11. siiiv Says:

    So u r poor, who cares. I don’t really shop at Walmart… heh… u can have ur free junk. Enjoy it! :)

  12. wrestler50000 Says:

    Spam? How does that work? An operating system is an operating system and I tell you now that Microsoft will have to do something rather special if they want me to install their products on my system. Linux isn’t going anywhere and this video ‘Spam’ is awesome. I hope people like yourself stay with Vista because you are not intelligent enough to try other things and realize that many things in life are FREE!!

  13. evilwarrior Says:

    Only that person is sexist who feels offended by that phrase. How about the word “mankind”… does that exclude women? No.

  14. siiiv Says:

    zomfg, is j000 teh hax0rz… r0tating th0z3 desk0pz on lunix teh Intarnet?

  15. siiiv Says:

    It’s called CACHE, you uneducated moron. Read a book or two, it might help.

  16. EazieeTech Says:

    vista ***** for 1GB of memory I can’t even make my full web development environment to work. Yah your an average user. Glad we got mono I love linux very much. Can’t wait till you all wake out of microsoft stinking spell. The answer is not in the box my friend.

  17. HopePoisoned Says:

    quotes from a different time, where men had a different regard to women and vice versa – the quote is still as true as ever (if you think “someone” instead of “man” maybe)

  18. ruiner2501 Says:

    LMAO … why watch Linux vids if you are not remotely interested?

    i think we have a troll

  19. siiiv Says:

    Vista rules. Although I’m running a rock solid version of win2k3 since 2003. Can’t wait for win2k8… so yeah, as I said… **** off.

  20. ruiner2501 Says:

    very elegant statement,
    i understand you fully
    Please go and play with vista some more

  21. siiiv Says:

    yey, another Lunix spam! **** off.

  22. tadeusz666 Says:

    Alot of good facts in there .. to bad you dont have time to read it because it was obivous more important to be fast and kuul rather than getting the POINT across. To long I think but looks all rite.

  23. actualmind Says:

    c’mon… you know what he was trying to say… we can’t ban phrases just because someone can’t understand that phrase..
    Get real, get linux.

  24. LizardMusic Says:

    That quote is from the 19th century. You have to tolerate a bit of misguidedness.

  25. Creatrix Says:

    “…was first a thought in one man’s mind”? Sexist, if you ask me.


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