The New Hp Laptop With Linux, is it the Right Choice for You?

linux135 The New Hp Laptop With Linux, is it the Right Choice for You?
brenda moore asked:

In the Microsoft Windows dominated world, it is big news when a company announces that it is going to implement a Linux operating system on one of its computers. It is even more surprising that when that computer is a laptop. But that is exactly what Hewlett-Packard did with its nx5000 HP laptop.

While you may have experienced glitches on other laptops running the Linux operating system, this one passes the test with flying colors. But if you just have to have your Windows operating system, HP does allow this as an option for its nx5000.

The nx5000 model HP laptop is a medium sized computer weighing in at approximately six pounds. Some of the features that can be ordered include your choice of a Celeron up to a 2 GHz Pentium M processor, a hard drive from 30 to 60 MB, up to 2 GB of memory, Bluetooth technology, DVD ROM/ CD RW drive, WiFi access and more. You may also select a DVD burner, a more powerful battery and a SXGA+ screen.
The nx5000 comes with Novell’s SUSE Linux 9.1 installed. But one of the biggest achievements is how well the operating system is integrated with other components on this HP laptop.

Other users who have installed Linux operating systems on their computers have reported problems with wireless connectivity or other issues. This is not so with the nx5000. Everything seems to work perfectly right out of the box.

The desktop environment that is included is the KDE 3.2, which is quite attractive, efficient, and user friendly. This HP laptop also comes with the Open Office suite of software, which is comparable to Microsoft Office.

If you are comfortable using Microsoft’s software, then you will have no problem using the Open Office suite. One of the great things about Open Office software is that it is entirely compatible with the Microsoft Office suite and will save your documents in the same formats.

Hewlett Packard has even included software for watching movies also, LinDVD, so you do not have to worry about buying additional software. It also comes with Real Audio Player already installed.

HP has done an excellent job integrating the Linux operating system into its nx5000 laptop. And if you have been longing for a full featured system that rivals Windows, then you just may have found it.

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