Yellow Dog v5.0 Linux for PS3 Review by UnP0ssible

j0urn3y asked:

For Installation Service, Visit here:
If you dont have a PS3 but would like one with either an upgraded HDD and/or Linux installed email me at and I can get you a PS3 with a 100gb HDD and Linux installed for only $599.99 (the same cost of a regular 60gb PS3 retail).

Yellow Dog v5.0 for Playstation 3 review brought to you by Review done by UnP0ssible. Also includes Harddrive upgrades and analysis of the system with YDL5. Installation guide by me is at

Thank you for the support!

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  1. zech48 Says:

    $175 for the 100gb hd?
    doesn’t sound like a friend to me :P

  2. Azer831 Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok i didnt know dat

  3. kevinrules25 Says:

    I got stuck in installation so i turned it off and i just held it till it beeped, and it booted right back up.

  4. Azer831 Says:

    but dud how da **** is he going back 2 da xmb he said he cant he got stuck at da installation…..
    so now he has 2 format his hdd from a computer

  5. peepshow20985 Says:

    nvm, i just made a new iso, wen i check the old disc i seen a tiny gap, and that was my problem, but hey thanks man, oh peepo,to go back to xmb on 6.0 and up is ps3-boot-game-os

  6. kevinrules25 Says:

    no, you go to system settings on the ps3, then format it on the ps3. You don’t need to take your hdd out.

  7. kevinrules25 Says:

    turn off ps3. then press and hold the power button until it beeps, then it will load to it.

  8. Azer831 Says:

    u have to format ur hard drive from a pc……
    den put it back on ur ps3 n follow instructions

  9. peepshow20985 Says:

    or boot ps3 instead of other os?

  10. peepshow20985 Says:

    i have a problem…when it says starting installation process…in about 15-20 minuste it says something about a missing file…how can i go back to the xmb on the ps3???

  11. Alishaikh94 Says:

    It’s possible to put a 320GB+ HD in the PS3, please update video

  12. j0urn3y Says:

    You can get the Linux OS from isohunt[dot]com

  13. LifeLibertyLove Says:

    Have fun doing that. One PS3 game is 25 gig – 50 gigs.

  14. ps3bapekill1 Says:

    can u download it directly from the ps3? that wud be nice???

  15. ps3bapekill1 Says:

    yes more than enough thats wat i have

  16. mrmaxell222 Says:

    whats a good keyboard i can get at walmart that i can use?

  17. desertman123 Says:


  18. HerSinfulMajesty Says:

    Are you able to play AVI files with the Linux OS? I can play a few avi files on PS3, but other AVI files are “unsupported.”

  19. dtala19 Says:

    Can someone please tell me, what is the name of thing for create ps3 games? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!

  20. rross213 Says:

    i keep trying to download linux from fixstars website and it keeps cutting me off. is there another place i can get it?

  21. j0urn3y Says:

    Linus is an operating system similar to say windows XP or MAC OS. It allows you to run any program which is compatible with linux. Go on google and type in any program you want plus “download linux” and if there is a place to download it for a linux os then yes, you can use that program. For example, you wanted to know about AIM, if you type in “download AIM linux” there are sites where you can download it for YDL.

  22. gareno7 Says:

    what do you mean? is this video an unreliable? you also have to consider it was made in january 2007

  23. bakuya99 Says:


  24. neel35 Says:

    is 160gb ok? lol

  25. DenimZero Says:

    Could you play PC games? Could you run AIM or MSN? Whats the point of linux, someone explain


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