The Office Values – Microsoft UK Training with David Brent 1

cpdgeneral asked:

Part 1 of 4 of “The Office Values” the Microsoft UK Training videos featuring David Brent (Ricky Gervais) and Stephen Merchant. Check my other videos for Parts 2, 3 and 4…

Part 1: The Office Values…
Part 2: The Office Values continued (with outakes at the end)

Part 3: The Office Values: Realizing Potential
Part 4: …continued.

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  1. HiGuysImJack Says:


  2. rafilley Says:

    it’s stephen merchant. co-writer and creator of the office and extras, and executive producer of the US office

  3. Morzadec Says:

    yup its steve merchant he wrote the office with ricky gervais, as well as extras. he has a pretty prominent acting role in extras as well. probably dosnt get as much credit as he deserves

  4. chappell5 Says:

    this is good but its not as good as the actual series, seems a bit forced in parts, nelson mandella bit is classic, compared to the american one i prefer this but i reckon its just a matter of being able to relate

  5. iluvqueen9 Says:

    is that the guy who places ‘Oggy’ in the Uk office?

  6. Archigearour Says:

    I don’t know why, but I think the “Thanks” at the start is brilliant.

  7. forXtheXfallen Says:

    The US Office is massively dumbed down. It relies more on slapstick humour than the subtle UK Office awkward moments.

    This might not be a bad thing, the US Office appealing to a lot more people, but I’ll always prefer the UK version.

  8. PokerAce2009 Says:

    Your an idiot, how can the US version be better then the original, and these 2 write your one, the only good thing about the US one is your Steve Carell

  9. lufa303 Says:

    you dont know shit

  10. Jenjenkiwi Says:

    Ricky looks slim

  11. alexrips Says:

    the american version is american (shit). End of discussion

  12. Nahdens Says:

    The US version of the office pwns this. end of discussion.

  13. HusarRP Says:

    something like that wouldn’t be done anywhere else than inteligent, so funny.

  14. jesoby Says:

    one on one interviews – not much chance of that.

  15. myGTAfiles Says:

    Like myself, there is no reason why you cant utterly satisfy a woman within 20 to 30 minutes – get some important paper work done – get 8 hours sleep. 7:30

  16. Thwaitez Says:

    this is emence!

  17. cjcardiff Says:

    Gervais IS Brent. No other characters will ever come close!

  18. juniosonga333 Says:

    god, arent you stiff? the chap was just taking the piss

  19. ellabridgie Says:

    i dont think so, and i sincerely hope not lol x

  20. systemofADown901 Says:

    the UK version is so much better than the american

  21. IIIalbyIII Says:

    are you serious?

  22. BabieshatetheBible Says:

    la tee fucking da

    nice light bulbs mate

  23. stroketheboat Says:

    I’ve heard of Oregon. It’s where they make that oregano stuff, isn’t it that they put on pizza and use in pasta sauces!? Or is that from Italy? I don’t know…..

  24. mfnpjparty Says:

    im from the US, my university uses energy saving bulbs, my apartment complex does and I do at my home. america is a big place, we’re not all the same, so dont lump us all together thinking you know what youre talking about. im from portland, oregon, a city of 2 million, but you probably havent even heard of the place. its more liberal than most of the UK.


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