Forcefully Unmounting Linux Partition and Data Loss

linux75 Forcefully Unmounting Linux Partition and Data Loss
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Perhaps, many of the Linux users have faced a condition when the particular mounted partition may refuse to unmount, when they try to do so. The error messages which state that the device is busy may pop up, perhaps this is being accessed by other users at that time.

But with Linux, you can make use of certain commands to forcedly unmount the partition. Actually, so that you may not need Linux recovery, these restrictions are necessary when any other user is accessing it. However, the critical conditions may arise when this is not accepted, so you can make use of these commands. On the other hand, the incorrect use or the mere mistake can again make you feel need of Linux data recovery.

• At first, find out which processes are moving with the device/partition, through the command like:

# lsof | grep ‘/dev/sda1′

Where /dev/sdb1 is the device name.

• You will get an output of the command which will show the process using the device. Just stop the process and then try to unmount using # unmount /dev/sda1 command. –l option can also be used with for lazy unmount. This will cleanup all refrences to the file system

• Now suppose that it is mounted on /mnt directory, then you can forcefully have the desired process through the following command:

# fuser -km /mnt

Here –k kills the file accessing process and –m is the file on a mounted file system or a block device.

As has been stated earlier too, these can affect your data, so better be prepared for any such mishappening. Be sure to run the commands if you are sure of, else to fall for data recovery Linux. The open files may get lost and the programs, which access the files after all has been done, can get error.

If you are an unfortunate user to lose data as such, make use of Linux data recovery software as no other option will do. Linux recovery software scan the drive and recover each bit of the information.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery software is the most trustworthy product for getting data recovery Linux. The software is the product of great intellectual effort and can scan the drive by using most powerful scanning algorithms.

You can get Linux recovery for all the files, even system files. The supported file systems include Ext2, Ext3 and ReiserFS file systems.

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