Why Google Adwords?

google18 Why Google Adwords?
Hazar Umutay asked:

Google Adwords

Use Google Adwords, reach hundreds of thousands potential customers per year for your business.

Use Google Adwords, increase your sales and customer share.


Google Adwords is the advertisement program of Google. Your ad takes place on the left hand side of Google results page and sometimes on the top by the name of Sponsored Links.

Take your place on Page One Google:  Your ads will always be shown on the first page of Google after we made your Google Adwords Campaign Optimization.

Get top positions in Sponsored Links: You will get top positions (1. 2. 3.) for most of your keywords in Sponsored Links with our successful Campaign Optimization. Keep in mind that top positions do not bring high ROI (Return of Investment) always. We will keep you on the right position where you earn much.


What makes us a different Google Advertising Professional?


To make you have the maximum ROI (Return of Investment) with the most feasible minimum cost. For example: X Adwords Qualified Company or Qualified Individual managed your Adwords Campaign with a budget of $1000 and made you earn $2000. Your ROI is 100%. If 911 SEOSEM had managed your Campaign, your ROI would have been easily over 100%. Because the highlighted sentence is our Adwords Strategy that makes us different.

We definitely suggest every company to use Google Adwords with a Qualified Google Adwords Professional. Because Google Adwords is cheap and it has the highest ROI (Return of Invesment) in all advertisement channels. Google Adwords is the advertisement channel of the near future.

Use Google Adwords to increase your market share and profit. Contact with 911


Google Optimization

SEO is crucial for having higher ranks in Google organic search results and also for Google Adwords.

911 SEO Expert creates all the important required keywords for your business and places your website in the first 2 page of Google search results for the most of these keywords. Our aim is to place your website on the first page of Google for your most important keywords.


911 SEOSEM’s Google Optimization Mission:

For us, a success in SEO means placing your website in the first 2 pages of Google.

1. Step: Take you in top 10 pages (top 100 results)

2. Step: Take you to the 2. 3. 4. pages.  

3. Step: Make you stable on the 2. page and working to place you on the first page.

4. Step: Make you stable on the first page.

Final Step: Try to get you in the FIRST THREE of the first page.


Important SEO Notes!

According to study, when your website gets higher ranks in Google search results you get more traffic than Google Adwords Search Network.

According to study, people who reach your website from Google organic search results spend more time than the people coming from Google Sponsored Links.

SEO increases your Quality Score in Google Adwords. With a high quality score, you can get higher ranks in Sponsored Links with lower costs.




Your saviour in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing


We proud of serving our customers in a way of true and realistic manner in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).



Why 911?

Knowing the Optimization very well. (Industrial Engineering)

Having the experience and knowledge about the Digital World, Internet, and Applications. (Computer Engineering)

Content is gold for SEO and SEM. Creating and writing effective contents. (A creative strong writer)


911 SEOSEM’s Mission:

Providing a true, realistic, and different service to our valuable customers in SEO and SEM fields.


911 SEOSEM’s Vision:
Being your most trustworthy savior in SEO and SEM fields.



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