Windows Vista did not steal ideas from Mac OS X!

itubemyvideos asked:

http://AppleenEspañ For the New York Times, David Pogue reviews Windows Vista, trying to prove in his video that “Microsoft did not steal ideas from Mac OS X.” Apple en Español http://AppleenEspañ

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  1. nzdirtbiker Says:

    man this guy is an idiot

  2. Pralz912 Says:

    so, according to this idiot, its not copying if you switch things around a little bit… thanks for the advice d-bag

  3. mazesarecool Says:

    Huh? I have to totally disagree with that last comment. First off, Microsoft took the whole idea of a GUI from Apple.

    Second off, Apple’s OS has always came with Finder (1984). Windows Explorer was first released in 1995 (with release of Windows 95). There is a lapse of 11 years there. I would like to see you explain that one…

  4. edecze Says:

    stop fucking man! :D

  5. KnucklesARouge Says:

    Mac stole the explorer idea from Windows!

  6. dabbi27 Says:

    I dont think that windows ripped off mac.

    But by just changing the name of programs, like Widgets and Gadgets, doesnt mean it isint rip off.

    Its like stealing a song and changing the name.

    And by not having the same appearance settings doesnt mean its not rip off, like in the chess game. But the fact that the Chess game isint licenced to MAC in any way, makes you unable to argue about that.

    And by just having the new Search bar in a different corner of the screen doesnt make it a rip off….

  7. DonPatch44 Says:

    Errr…Well, they made a dock so? They’re not copying. They’re just trying to be more organized.

  8. hobberz7000 Says:

    you all need to understand that he is clearly joking…He is mocking people who believe that Vista DID NOT steal from Mac OS. It is quite clear that the dramatic changes Microsoft made to their programs where based off of ideas from OS. Even the V (Vista) he makes at the end is intended to look like and X (Mac Os X)

    Sorry if I am late on this but there appears to be some slow people on this comment board

  9. SinaMuusika1 Says:

    well this is totally false. If the way that certain things look similar its just because there is no other way doing it. How else would you do the search system, how else would you make the calendar ? upside down and left to right.. JUST TO MAKE IT DIFFERENT FROM MAC OS 10 ? just naive to think that. A few similarities in the design are just elements that could not have done differently. Don’t care about the game copy either.. who gives a shit.

  10. insoprock Says:

    hahahahaha ur an ass

  11. PADRES294 Says:

    I’m afraid your sarcasm detectors are broken good sir.

  12. UbuntuLee Says:

    Lol that is gay. So dell makes a dock for windows? LAWL. Fuck that.

  13. RetroJello Says:

    This guy can’t be serious…..

  14. Cristofer1000 Says:

    the guy on the video is retarded vista is a rip off of mac windows sucks and has no ideas

  15. oekyvyz615470 Says:

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  16. TutorialsForYou2ube Says:

    hahaha i agree.

  17. dizzydreamaway Says:

    Moral of this story: Microsoft realized more people were switching to Macs because of the new, more end user-friendly OSX interface, plus gadgets like the iPod and iPhone, and decided to make a new Windows operating system that looked more like a Mac so Windows users can fool themselves into believing they still have a greater product. :) You get what you pay for, people. Vista is for those sore losers who couldn’t afford a Mac. ^_~

  18. maddenplyr12 Says:

    vista copys mac in every point you just mentioned. the only thing microsoft wil never be able to copy apple is the amount of viruses apple has which is liek 2 or 3

  19. uk318 Says:

    Whatever douche go get you’r paycheck from Bill Gates.

  20. claretnblueblood Says:

    sour grapes wtf :L

  21. dudeofmagic Says:

    Dell made a dell dock witch is like the bar at the bottom of os

  22. danonabouncycastle Says:

    this is a joke right? i cant take him seriously

  23. onursez Says:

    Mac should copy windows about PC games then I might buy a mac :)


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