The Best Linux Distro For PS3 Has Arrived!

linux42 The Best Linux Distro For PS3 Has Arrived!
Jimmy A Jones asked:

What’s the best Linux distro? Well first of all, the term “distro” has had some heated debate about it – some say it is any Linux product, while others say it only pertains to software that has become freeware. Either or, let’s just use the term loosely here. The best Linux distro in this case, is the one that can turn your PS3 into a Linux-based computer… and a Windows running PC, as well! Sounds wild? It sure does! But that’s not all that’s great…

Now you can install Linux on your PS3 in a way that won’t void your warranty, and turn it into a multi-tasking computer, and even have it run Microsoft Windows as an OS! What the heck does this mean? Let’s go over the main points here. Firstly, let’s note that while you have a Linux/PC running on your PS3 using the best Linux distro to date, you can download games for PS3, PC games, or other types as well… even those old Nintendo games – remember those goodies?

More to the added coolness is the fact you can also download movies and watch them all through your PS3! You simply use your game system to surf the ‘net, download whatever games and movies you want, as well as any PC applications your heart desires, and play, run and watch whatever you like! Too cool! It’d be like having a few machines that do all these neat things, but all in one little PS3 thingy!

Think of it… no room in your place for it all? It’s all on your game system dude! Thanks to the best Linux distro for PS3! You’ll be able to play 50% more file formats – no more will you have unplayable files ever again! The possibilities that this whole concept provides just simply boggles the mind when you really think about it. A multi-tasking Linux computer, a Windows PC, a movies/DVD repository of playable files… basically a downloading behemoth of phenomenal proportions. This is what you can have at your command with the best Linux distro for PS3 installed into your game system!

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