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Burhan Ud Din asked:

The hottest issue today is to use which operating system and why. Microsoft windows has its own market and million of users and why linux is used as a server in nearly 80% Internet Service Providers. what makes a difference? how comparison of both are possible? why instead of a great user free environment of windows, most network administrators like and prefer linux. here is the reason….

1. Browsing becomes 4 times faster with the same hardware and Internet connection

2. No dependence on a single supplier for any product.

3. Ability to protect data so that no agency in the world can access it without the data owner’s permission.

4. A Linux server can be up for hundreds of days.
5. Linux memory management is far superior to that of Windows.

6. Higher Stability

7. Better Performance

8. Better and more useful functionality

9. Better access protection among users

10. Centralized management and backups

11. Easier and effective Administration

12. Increased Interoperability and connectivity

13. Easier to conform to ISO standards for Quality

14. Linux is stable.

15. It normally does not crash.

16. File sharing shall become 3 times faster than Windows 2003 on the same hardware.

17. No need to think about any type of virus at all. The hardest thing would be to train your mind to stop worrying and start opening any emails WITH whatever attachments. Bring on the EMAILS.

18. You do not need to install Linux on a machine to use it. You can run it completely from the CD Drive. Even on a computer with a virus infected or nonexistent hard disk. You shall still be able to work on any files on the hard disk without worries of infection.

19. There is no “Blue Screen” error in Linux because those errors simply do not occur.

20. Linux can be used on a wide range of computers, for a wide range of purposes.

21. Linux runs on more Central Processing Units and platforms than any other computer operating system.

22.. Linux is fast, and will run on lesser hardware than many other operating systems. Your old 486 can do something useful again with Linux.

23. For using Linux you need not dump your existing Operating System. Linux will go along with any other operating systems.

24. You can save cookies, passwords, and all other secret stuff and feel confident that spy wares, viruses and even the system administrator can not access your data unless you them to.

25. You get to pick your favorite text editor from a selection of dozens.

26. Windows gives you one inadequate editor — Notepad.

27. Linux users can pick from dozens of tools to do word processing and typesetting.

28. Microsoft provides one, Word, and even that pales in comparison to

29. With Linux, you can always find out what the system is doing, and why.

30. All of these things combine to make Linux a virtually zero maintenance platform.

31. Word Perfect is already available for Linux

32. Oracle recommends Linux

33. SAP recommends Linux

34. All source code is freely accessible

35. No license fees.

36. There are no royalty fees.

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