Linux Servers: What Can be the Key Divergence?

linux119 Linux Servers: What Can be the Key Divergence?
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It is a matter of fact that there are several people who are anxious because they are unable to employ Linux hosting due to the reason that they run Windows on their PCs. It is a matter of fact that there is no relation between operating system on one’s PC to the web hosting environment employed by one, because the second one is drived remotely on a web server, the place where user’s website are uploaded.

In fact, Linux and Microsoft Windows are two dissimilarly directed operating systems. One cannot deny the fact that, Windows does not require the service of introduction and is familiar to everyone. However, Linux is a latest version of the UNIX operating system. Both are similar in providing top quality environments ideal for web hosting. Still, there is little dissimilarity between both.

To come to a conclusion which is the best, one should examine given below aspects:


If one talks about the Linux system then it is generally called an “open source” operating system. This means there is no presence of licensing fees to pay. Hence one can say that in comparison to Windows, Linux is quite economical. Microsoft after the success of Windows XP started promoting software activation which means a single copy of Windows can only be installed on one computer. However, with Linux, once the user buys a copy, it is his/her own wish that how much time he/she wants to install it on how many computers.


Linux operating servers are known for their stability and reliability and comparatively few cases of crash happens than a Windows server. Consequently, a Linux server provide additional ‘up time’ for a particular website.


If one talks about the years of service then Linux is comparatively more familiar to hosting than Windows.


One cannot find a big variation in speed between the two servers, but if one talk about the processing of basic web pages then Linux wins the race.


If one talks about functionality, then Windows sustain ASP (Active Server Pages), which is known to be a Microsoft programming/scripting language, which permits user to construct dynamically database-driven web pages after linking to a Microsoft database like for e.g. SQL Server or Access. However, Linux does not assists above mentioned things, rather apply MySQL database as a substitute.

If the user has decided to employ Microsoft FrontPage for the purpose of giving shape to his/her website, it does not compel him/her to opt Windows hosting. The entire Linux account come along with FrontPage extensions at zero cost, permitting the user to upload his/her FrontPage website to his/her web space on a Linux server.


There are plenty of CGI programs which one can easily find on the Internet. The bulk of space in it is occupied by the Perl scripts which are been developed on Linux / UNIX web servers. So these scripts are generally installed and operated on a Linux server at a smoother pace. Additionally, there are several Perl scripts available on the Internet which one can download without paying any cost.

In short one can say, or rather can reach to a conclusion that Linux hosting is easier to use, comparatively more reliable, delivers free, open source software and one can get it at a lower cost in comparison to Windows hosting. Hence, one can say that except user is bound to require windows specific features like for e.g. ASP and an Access database, one should prefer Linux over Windows as it provides better facilities at a cheaper rate.

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