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Microsoft44 Microsoft GPS   New Global Positioning Satellite Systems
Abhishek Agarwal asked:

We learn about the nature and scope of regular GPS systems and how the latest Microsoft GPS programs have improved upon this concept for vehicle tracking beyond the earliest felt need of the US Defense Military services – for which they were first developed.

The nature of the GPS device, or the Global Positioning Satellite as it is actually called, is that it is a very advanced navigation system based on satellite communication made possible for the US Defense Military, thereafter the US public and other citizens of the world once it was recognized as being useful for public use. A GPS system was initially used by the general public for their vehicle tracking, which also acted as an anti-theft protection device and car-owners ended up saving a lot on auto insurance if their vehicles were equipped with GPS systems, too – most insurance companies gave discounted premiums for this feature in automobiles insured with them – such was the popularity of the GPS system.

The GPS system is actually a small box installed either on the dashboard or under the carriage of a vehicle, which works as a navigational aid for the driver, giving him directions to the destination point; it also helps a car owner locate a vehicle that has been loaned, borrowed without intimation by a family member or parked in a place they’ve overlooked in their search.

Thus, the utility of the standard GPS system is tremendous for car owners and long-distance travelers in a rented car even; the advanced software used in the latest GPS systems has the genius of the world’s largest software company backing it so it’s no wonder that there are constant improvements to the whole way it functions.

Yes, you guessed it right – the GPS system is a Microsoft creation and thought the company offers various levels (grades) of GPS programs, the common factor between all these is that the systems are very reliable besides coming with the Microsoft service guarantee, which is a very trusted name in the industry.

The scope of the Microsoft created GPS system is that it enables users to signal from their GPS receiver to their mobile phone, PDA or even their PC in a matter of minutes. Among their latest and best GPS range of products available in the US markets is the Streets and Trips 2007 system, which comes with an advanced GPS Locator along with the knowledge of Streets across the country, making it the top-selling travel and map software available anywhere in the world. It also comes with its own trendy GPS receiver so that drivers or travelers know exactly where they are at any given time of the day – it is even compatible with laptops, so you can map your route anywhere – anytime!

Fitted with updated SiRF star III technology, this new Microsoft GPS device is slated as being 10 times more sensitive than earlier models; so get set to locate your destinations faster and make dates sooner, for you’re sure to be there on time, every time – with Microsoft GPS Streets and Trip 2007!

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