IBM Linux ad: Prodigy

teoruiz asked:

Linux advertisement from IBM, released in September 2003.

“The Future is Open”

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  1. josepeisen654 Says:

    pretty cool.., the best ever.., linux is getting better and better as time goes by..,

  2. foreignaustrian Says:

    Excuse me ?

  3. limeadestand Says:

    It killed my sister.

  4. danmarcu21 Says:


  5. mgol2667 Says:

    Excellent work IBM!

    Embracing public domain (“Res Publica”) is just the latest in a series of moves that proves that a company that had become complacent, fat, lazy, and facing extinction can once again be a leading edge contemporary competitor.

  6. Mat5913 Says:

    no actually mac os x has the faster opengl engine in the world and so it’s the best opengl gaming platform too, it’s 2x faster than the vista engine :-D

  7. lukelukelukeluke Says:

    wow, very nicely done! +1 IBM!

  8. FlyingDojo Says:

    The first time I saw this commercial it sent shivers down my spine.

  9. ccccaaaallll Says:

    it brought tears to my eyes ;)

  10. seapixels Says:

    This is a powerful ad….Very powerful for linux and everything it stands for…Please do a new one like this!!!!
    The feeling reminds me of the feeling I got when watching the end scene from “The Abyss”…amazing.

  11. Oopsy777 Says:

    linux is sooo cute! :-)

  12. callsiumkid Says:

    good grafic on this video

  13. mahv8 Says:

    Linux FTW

    u cann’t imagine how beautiful is :)

    his name is linux

  14. neostriderbzk Says:


  15. Chrisgalletta Says:

    whats the name of this song

  16. pelicanghost Says:

    Game support is a huge problem. One factor is that most games are DirectX, which is for the XBox (360) and Windows. If developers used opengl, they could port it to PS3, Mac and Linux, and almost every platform available. It would be more work, but more profits.

  17. userkef1992 Says:

    linux and mac osx are the better sh*t, but you cant go around that pc games work the best on a windows :/, i hope in the future more compagnies will make more versions, even for linux, and it explains that with linux you as a user know all about yourself, and with linux you can expand your point of view, but commercials are always a bit over it

  18. modchipv12 Says:

    This doesn’t explain what linux is at all…..

  19. Benoslatter Says:

    IBM fukin supplied the nazi’s with there punch code machienes that kept a track off all the jewish ppl and there serial numbers

    so dont ***** about microsoft

  20. colpik Says:

    I thought IBM and MS are friends… now I know, IBM is really great organization with really great ideas. I hope, Linux will become popular and Torvalds, Stallman and people like that, will be as popular as Gates. And I really hope, commercial distros like SuSE, Mandriva and Red Hat will be forgotten.

    Sorry for bad English, Colpik

  21. Mat5913 Says:

    Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

    Since you’ve betrayed us in 1985, even if we’re making chipsets for Apple Computer no more, we’re searching the best way to turn your empire in a small software house. We passionately hope that Linux and Mac OS will destroy Windows and Microsoft. We can’t wait for your sunset.

    Your IBM

  22. RastafarianPilgrim Says:

    NEVERMIND I found Ubuntu and Sabayon Live CD!! but thanks anyway! :D

  23. mattetjus Says:

    just search for “linux” on google and you’ll most likely get a few sites in your homeland about it or you can try wikipedia, check around which flavor fits you the best and try it out..
    some popular distros are Ubuntu (or Kubuntu), Debian, Mandriva, Novell (suse), Debian, Fedora (Red Hat).
    I myself use Mandriva 64bit on my laptop and it works great, webcam, wireless, bluetooth, firewire, DVD+/-RW, all but some of the “FN-keys” more or less worked out-of-the-box.

  24. puttabutta Says:


  25. usiu999 Says:

    well, IBM sold it’s PC business to Chinese. or it will never gives a damn abt linux


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