Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith: “Buddy Holly” by Weezer

azz100c asked:

Here’s what Weezer’s hit “Buddy Holly” would sound like if they’d used Microsoft Songsmith. Original vocal track from the 1994 recording, everything else by Microsoft Songsmith! Find us at MOCKSESSION.COM !!!


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  1. Pandamusicks Says:

    I actually noticed the exact same thing supercake did. The bridge was shorter than the song could really register, so the next verse began 2 bars into the chord progression it had already made. That explains the tempo/rhythm problems.

  2. supercake101 Says:

    Yeah exactly. Haha I also love the chord preceeding the second verse…

  3. whosyourgrandpa Says:

    Two words: De Pressing

  4. thirdimpact Says:

    This is the first Songsmith remix I’ve heard that actually sounds decent. Weazer could actually releasing this as an official cover and no one would know.

  5. UISDopeitUp Says:

    this isnt bad actually

  6. azz100c Says:

    Songsmith doesn’t know a six bar phrase from an eight bar phrase any more than it knows a verse from a chorus.

  7. Chiyoi Says:

    It sounds soooo beautiful! A bit sad, but I think, their fast singing tempo fits the contratry slow melancholic music.

  8. supercake101 Says:

    By the way azz100c, your Songsmith versions are by far the best cause you actually match up tempos! Not to mention have the original vocal takes… Nice

  9. supercake101 Says:

    Nah it’s just that the bridge is a 6 bar phrase rather than 8 so it sounds off a bit once you get to the chorus… I love 1:17 though haha – brilliant progression

  10. azz100c Says:

    It’s not off rhythm-wise, actually, it just doesn’t have a one-beat. Coupled with a song where the singer uses syncopation (and doesn’t have very good rhythm himself) and it will sound off-beat.

    Not sure what you mean about the key, while Songsmith obviously went with a majority of minor chords the tonic is identical to the recorded version — A.

  11. agwellin Says:

    this is one of the more atrocious Songsmith songs on here. Songmith fucked up not only the key, but also the rhythm. It’s like the whole thing is of by a beat something.

  12. wildgift2 Says:

    Kind of like when metal bands did ballads to get on top 40.

  13. Tynanboyle96 Says:

    this make Ty’s ears bleed!!!!

  14. averyellis Says:

    The rap part rocks!

    It’s like a mash up of ‘buddy holly’ and ‘great gig in the sky’.

  15. averyellis Says:

    This will be what music sounds like after the machines take over, people!!!

    Fitting that 50 years ago was the ‘day the music died’ considering that 50 years from now will be the ‘day the muzak rose’!!

  16. alisoneales Says:

    Rivers Cuomo will almost certainly re-record the song in this style at some point.

  17. hackeesackr Says:

    suprisingly fitting. if the vocals werent as fast paced it might actually make a real song

  18. BlueFoxPictures Says:

    I’ll humor you, because you obviously are missing the picture.
    Songsmith is software by Microsoft that automatically adds music to vocals. SOFTWARE is making this song sound bad, not a person. That’s why it’s so funny.

  19. comorbid Says:

    I do believe that 2:20 just about sums up the general consensus toward Microsoft SongSmith. XD

  20. dumsfrie Says:

    you are right. probably didn’t have to try very hard to ruin this. Everyone has a gift, they just have to realize it.

  21. azz100c Says:

    Great lengths? “Someone?” You have no idea what “Classic Hits by Microsoft Songsmith” means, do you?

  22. dumsfrie Says:

    This is such a great song and video. Why would someone go to such lengths to make it suck so much?

  23. Xorpher Says:

    puddleduck8051 obviously has a very firm grasp of music theory. Good job puddleduck!

  24. LordDestin Says:

    Quit yer yawning, kid. This is a rock classic.


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