Microsoft Can and Will Prevail in 2009 HHGS P3

Jackal33 asked: 1luv and god bless enjoy the show

* Gamestop Exposed Official Video Footage Must See
* E3′09 First Details Revealed On Microsoft New System?
* HipHopGamer vs Aaron Greenburg Round 2
* Sony To Get Blockbuster on PS3?
* And Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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  1. BM1F Says:

    home is better 2 me but i like XBL but home is way better

  2. SeaStriker Says:

    So that means, Xbox Live will never kill Home. I like your point.

  3. DILDOlover Says:

    I didn’t say it was better. Home is completely different from XBOX Live.

  4. darkskyva1234 Says:

    then u cant say its better if there different in ur mind. so i think u need to think of something else to say. cuz in my mind there the same, home is better in 2 way it brings ppl Not on ur friends list to gether and avatar is better.

  5. DILDOlover Says:

    I’ve used Home, it’s stupid. It’s not better then XBOX Live and will never be. They are two different services therefore cannot be compared.

  6. darkskyva1234 Says:

    lmao no home avatar u can move around and and do actions and not just wave. just go play home and then u will see. its not better then xbl there =. but avatar home won that 1

  7. DILDOlover Says:

    I know you can do that in Home, but that is only one feature in the list. Saying that the PSN will kill XBOX Live, while funny, would make more sense because they are roughly the same things.

  8. sanandreas6 Says:

    Dude home lets you launch games while your on there dont you know anything? you can go straight into home and then start multiplayer with your friends, you can watch trailers togther and speak etc. you can also create clans and make em have their OWN clan HQ and from the hq you can launch lost of different things. HOME lets you play multtiplayer etc.

  9. DILDOlover Says:

    XBOX Live lets you play games with other people online, Home is an interactive virtual world. They are two different things. That is why Home will never kill XBOX Live. Not that Home is bad, but it is a completely different service.

  10. sanandreas6 Says:

    yes it will, because it has nearly everything live has but with more features

  11. DILDOlover Says:

    Home will never beat live because they are completely different things.

  12. DILDOlover Says:

    Kind of like the avarars in Home.

  13. punkshow1992 Says:

    How is X box live better than PSn i want to know i own a PS3 and used to own a shit 60

  14. cococolonel Says:

    I’d rather the new system be announced in 2010-2011.

  15. datkskyva Says:

    lmao the xbox avatar is like playing with dolls i’ll pass u get to dress them and thats all

  16. grimreaper20820 Says:

    home is not and i repeat not better then xbox live YET…

  17. sanandreas6 Says:

    exactley, so home will will grow yo be stronger

  18. suleproductions Says:

    whats prevail

  19. DreadRaptor85 Says:

    To hell with Viva Pinata. Make Killer Instinct 3!

  20. baby2bla Says:

    what a new xbox

  21. ScarkProductions Says:

    Yeah But Homes On Beta

  22. sanandreas6 Says:

    But the thing is Microsoft are strong on the multiplayer section for the 360, and sony are working on the ps3 itself like games, hardware etc. this is why ps3 beats 360 in those regions. but i know what you mean by HOME doesnt beat Live yet, but i think it will


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