Everything Microsoft doesn’t want YOU to Know about PS3 Pt 2

brandonp4 asked:

This documentary is, as it is titled, everything Microsoft doesn’t want you to know about the PlayStation 3. You will hear the reasons I made this film in the closing statement. I guarantee you will enjoy it. If you want to know, finally, everything there is to know about the PS3, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the video.

I will ask that this be listened to in it’s entirety and with an open, non-bias, mind. Thank You.

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  1. joshpsp2 Says:

    not all 360s break retard

  2. morbrortobbe Says:

    I got a 360 from my boyfriend on christmas, and I played on it like 2 times and got the rrod the third time I started the console.
    My boyfriend took the 360 and sold it back to GAME(wich also think the ps3 is the best console) and got me a ps3 instead and I have never had any trouble with it.
    so lets just face the facts here! the ps3 IS better

  3. krisstoferlbp Says:

    i love ps3. 360 suck dick ps3 is the best :) all ps3 fans rocks and all your 360 fans can suck my dick

  4. knowsall101 Says:

    u should get a ps3, killzone is gunna be the shit, I think that halo gets sort of boring after awhile and just seems kind of childish. A ps3 is only 100 bucks more that ain’t that much

  5. J4kki94 Says:

    as the previus video, I

  6. CraigBlairDLRFC Says:

    You made, are a Legend. See that bit about the blu-ray disks, i just wanna say hahaha microsoft. 5 360 disks = 1 ps3 1, how embarrissing

  7. CruzitoLaz Says:

    you sir are the only person that convinced me toy buy a ps3 lets see if I can return may two days old 360 :(

  8. flavanostars Says:

    I don’t own a wil (although I have experienced the gameplay) , but I just want to say that I am glad that at least some people have noticed the impressing marketing strategy Nintendo has presented.
    Very good video, I am hoping to see a newer updated version.

  9. trampskaterfreak Says:

    i would buy a ps3. but it is kinda expensive. and i dont like any of the games. i wish it had halo 3. not just killzone 2.

  10. darthsableye Says:

    You gave wii props at the end, you deserve 5 stars just for that -.-

  11. JokerWild101 Says:

    i had a 360 until one day it broke after only 2 months.. so i got a ps3 and its waay better than a 360
    PS3 RULES!!!!!!!!!

  12. grumptouis Says:

    its 6 C today (just incase your s-l-o-w its 42.8 F). I thinks is about the same where your from. so GFY. Just because your poor does not mean you can’t still get games. they will sill have CDs out and you can go to the mall and hang out with the teenagers.

    man it don’t matter where you live. but this debate is over b/c your anger is out of control over a simple debate.

  13. RipTlde Says:

    good job brandon

  14. cocobutterformula Says:

    nothing touches kilzone 2 or even comes close this is because the playstation 3 and so much more power to generate graphics n not forgetting the full hd 1080p capabilities and the 50 gb blueray discs compared to the 8 gb dvd9 xbox discs
    xbox always breaks

  15. ModularHippo91 Says:

    your so fucking retarded. and you think you have friends which you dont. Even at the age of 14, your mom wished she had an abortion, she even sucked and fucked a humpback to make you. Your just another youtube fag that like to be cool. but cant get over the fact that your dad try to hang himself just to see what you have accomplished.

  16. ModularHippo91 Says:

    shut the fuck up. you think your cool, no your not.

  17. kiickmeupthebum Says:

    You are absolutly right, PS3 is way better!

  18. Airmaster167 Says:

    Oh thats right, you live in Canada, its COLD RAINY AND FEELS LIKE SHIT OUTSIDE. Now I understand your judgement. Go fuck yourself.

  19. Airmaster167 Says:

    Says the 15 year old. Go to school, chump.

  20. grumptouis Says:

    1. why would companies want to pay for cds when they can make more money setting up a server for downloading.

    2. why would i want to go to the store? i run my own business. running to the store would cost me 65 bucks when i can be working during that time.

    3. cds are cludder. one hard drive for all my games is nice.

    4. its cold outside, rainy, kids can’t drive, xmas season games are sold out.

    overall everyone is not like you airmaster. think outside the box.

  21. grumptouis Says:

    why am I a retard because rental stories are already taking a hit because of downloading? seems you are the guy that said “your crazy they will never be able to sell water in a bottle” its comming airmaster like it or not.

  22. ModularHippo91 Says:

    God damn your so fucking stupid, while its downloading he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He has a life unlike This guy ^.

  23. ModularHippo91 Says:



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