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revision3 asked:

Boot Windows or Linux via USB! USB Flash Drives are more than just storage, they’re a great way to run your safe copy of Linux or Windows on -any- machine that can boot from USB! This secret tip gives you security, safety, and ease of mind – and also makes it easy to fix your PC!

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  1. UnrealNate Says:

    That chinese men just uses mac cause it makes him feel good.
    Windows ftw.

  2. 3mb0 Says:

    first u need the installation disk of xp, ubuntu is free, it would be easier to use ubuntu, but of course ubuntu isn’t as easy to use. Then you would probably need atleast 8-12GB of space to comfortabley run xp, as i know vista need atleast 8gb just for the OS. I wouldn’t know where to go though from there

    Spose just have it plugged in, and when it says when you want to install it, place it onto the pen rather than ur C drive

  3. Dash2x Says:

    yeah if you partition i dont see why not you would have to use like acronis if not then comand prompt the bad boy and disk part it and you should be able to

  4. bersebuk2k Says:

    is it posible to dual boot on usb flashdrive :)

  5. naseralnowais Says:

    damn its too hard for me to do.

  6. TruthBeyond Says:

    So how do you boot the full version of XP from a USB stick?

  7. jamoramajam Says:

    lol, has anyone noticed that you can “turn down the lights”?

  8. Nezello Says:

    I used this before & Bart extracted everything from the XP disk. I did not have to got through all this BS. Linux Puppy WORKS BAD TO THE BONE!!!

  9. 159859 Says:


  10. Sath770 Says:

    awsome epi. i have a whole bunch of usbs’ and know i can boot from them lulz…

  11. kilgannon Says:


  12. Ryguy1450 Says:

    Revision3 hey, I’m Ryan and I’ll intern.

  13. crazy4mon3y Says:

    first o.o


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