The Benefits of Choosing Shared Webhosting Services and Linux Platform for Hosting Your Website

linux128 The Benefits of Choosing Shared Webhosting Services and Linux Platform for Hosting Your Website
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As well known, web hosting allows companies to create their websites by providing space on a server and allowing access to the website through internet connectivity. 


Whether it is shared, dedicated or reseller hosting, organizations need to choose the right kind of hosting services to suit their business. The only difference between them is focus and control. While choosing the best web hosting service, companies have to decide whether they have the technical expertise and control over the chosen service. 


Cost-conscious companies looking for an inexpensive website hosting service should better opt for shared webhosting rather than go for dedicated or reseller hosting. Shared hosting allows many websites to reside on the same server making it quite inexpensive since the costs are shared between individual websites on the server. Moreover, each individual website owner has the freedom to create their own scripts. Generally, webmasters use PHP, JavaScript or HTML to make the website accessible to visitors. 


Another advantage of Shared website hosting service is the control over the content created. But if a company opts for dedicated web hosting, it can control the server technology since they can host several sites on the same server as per the terms and capacity of the server space. 


There are generally two types of platform for hosting a website, Linux platform and Windows platform. Although the owner can also opt for a UNIX platform, it is recommended to choose either Linux or Windows platform in hosting your website. 


Linux operating system is generally preferred for demanding websites since it is considered reliable, safe and economical than Windows. Also the scripting language used depends on the type of platform. If the owner of the website uses languages such as PHP or MySQL, he will prefer a Linux platform than Windows. 


Linux-based servers are reputed to have a very high uptime rate. With high uptime maintenance of 99.9%, Linux-based website hosting is the most popular and widely used web host in recent years. 


A Linux based website hosting company tends to offer you features like, unlimited bandwidth, add-on domain capacity, unlimited disk storage, excellent feedback on customer support, 24/7 customer and technical support, a control panel with user-friendly features, POP3 email accounts, CGI bin access and some statistical program for analysis as well as auto responder script. 


Another important factor in preferring Linux platform over Windows is the inexpensiveness. Since Linux is a free operating system, it is quite economical and can be easily converted into a Windows website without any problems. The only difference is the cost of distribution, which is borne by the web host.

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