Latest Microsoft Zune 80 Detailed Information

Microsoft47 Latest Microsoft Zune 80 Detailed Information
Corwin Brown asked:

Microsoft Zune 80 is the latest version of Zune generation from the company, which features 3.2” 320×240, 64k Color LCD, weighing 128 grams with size of 61.1 x 108.2 x 12.9 mm and also able to supports WMA, WMA Lossless, MP3, AAC as well as WMV, MPEG4, H.264. Microsoft also claims that the battery should lasts up to 30hrs Audio / 4hrs Video. It has the capacity of up to 80 GB stores 20,000 songs, 25,000 pictures or 250 hours of video.
The Zune 80 is part of a sweeping update by Microsoft of its digital media player offering. Along with Zune 80, two flash-memory players are being launched, as well as a significant firmware update, new PC software, an updated online Marketplace, and a new Zune Social community site.

Video performance on the 80GB Zune is quite good. The Zune’s 3.2-inch screen is a monster, bested only by the iPod Touch and full-fledged PVPs. The glass-covered 320×240 LCD presents excellent viewing angles, with above-average clarity and color.

The second time around I am seeing something a bit more impressive. The hardware has been updated and features have been added. The Zune is much more social this time around with the ability to share your listening preferences online. It has also tightly and seamlessly integrated podcasting and the wi-fi has finally been put to good use with wireless sync.


The 80GB Zune cuts a much slimmer figure than its bricklike older brother. Measuring 4.3 inches high by 2.4 inches wide by 0.5 inch deep, Microsoft shaved some considerable bulk off the Zune’s thickness, while nearly tripling its capacity. Beyond its more pocket-worthy form, the two major improvements to the Zune’s hardware design are its screen and its navigation pad.


We admit the first-generation Zune certainly wasn’t the coolest-looking MP3 player on the block, but its features were fairly advanced. With subscription music support, wide-screen video playback, Wi-Fi music sharing, high-quality photo viewer, RBDS-enabled FM radio, and composite video output, the original Zune looked like a serious iPod challenger on paper. The 80GB Zune maintains all of the original Zune’s compelling features and ups the ante with tightly integrated audio and video podcast support, as well as the unique ability to automatically sync content over a home wireless network.

Pros:Works seamlessly with redesigned Zune Marketplace. Navigation pad works well. Excellent graphics. Bundled earbuds aren’t bad. Customizable rear panel. Syncs to PCs wirelessly.Cons: Screen is too small. Headphone jack poorly designed. Interface can freeze up. Player-to-player wireless can be fickle. Full wireless syncing capability will be added in a firmware update.”

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