A Complete Microsoft Money Review

Microsoft114 A Complete Microsoft Money Review
Carl Eppsteen asked:

Microsoft Money Plus Premium 2008 works best on Windows XP, SP2, or Vista with at least 1 GB of RAM. Microsoft Money 2008 comes on a CD, so you won’t need a DVD drive.It is a good personal finance application and has a well organized interface. It contains features that are useful for people who understand online banking.

Microsoft Money Plus Premium helps keep track of bills, accounts, taxes, and investments. The Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business software offers help with business taxes.

If you are new to Microsoft Money Plus Premium, installation will only take about five minutes and it’s easy to set up. You must register with your Windows Live ID. This will come in handy if you need online support. If you’ve used past versions of Microsoft Money Plus, it will only take a couple of minutes to upgrade.

Some people become frustrated over the duplicate accounts. It is hard to delete duplicate accounts with Microsoft Money, and it’s something that Microsoft should be improving on for the next version. Microsoft Money is good at organizing bank and credit card information though, and it does offer charts and reports.

Microsoft Money 2008′s best new feature is the Insights feature. This feature offers quick snapshots of your bills, assets, and spending that you can customize. Insights will also send you warning alerts if you’re spending money beyond your budget. You must open the Insights feature separately from the other open Money files in the Windows Programs menu. The Insights icon is the letter “M”and you can open it up easily. You can also upload images of your checks and receipts to Microsoft Money 2008.

There is free support and help for Microsoft Money 2008 available online (which is why you should register your Windows Live ID) and by telephone. There are tutorial videos available online. If you wish to chat with a help representative, make sure you have the product serial number ready. If you prefer to talk over the phone, it is now completely free. There used to be a $35 fee for every call, but not thankfully all the help is for free.

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