OLPC Layoffs, HP Mini Linux, Palm Pre

jupiterbroadcasting asked:

Bryan and Chris cover some top news stories:
OLPC Mass Lay Off: http://tinyurl.com/9wdges
HP Mini Runs Linux, no CLI: http://tinyurl.com/7a5arl
Palm Pre’s WebOS based on Linux:http://tinyurl.com/957fdv

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  1. EverythingPalmPre Says:

    come and join!
    w w w. everythingpre. info

  2. macinfloydvolk Says:

    I’d love to see the Amazon server video! That’s awesome .. keep up the good work guys!

  3. Charbax Says:

    OLPC is not renewing contracts with contract software developers. Not laying off 50% of the Cambridge MIT OLPC staff.

    Google, Microsoft, Apple plenty of other companies are cutting off contractors that are not working on the core of their products in these times where investors are limiting funds.

  4. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    YT won’t let me link to it in comments, but you can find Negroponte’s letter online…

  5. Charbax Says:

    Ars Technica are not a reliable source for anything. They have been deeply anti-OLPC since the beginning of the project.

  6. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    Check the link on the OLPC story, the info is all there.

    Have you used XP on the OLPC? We have. It was awful.

  7. Charbax Says:

    I mean that the Sugar OS release 8.2.0 was now the first stable Sugar release. So no need for paying core contract software developers anymore.

    Now OLPC should work on the core embedded Linux anbd new cheaper hardware with less components thus less power consumption for the XO-2 that is going to be $75.

    OLPC designed most of the XO-1 with less than the amount of employees that they have now.

    OLPC started the Netbook revolution. They forced the industry to do cheaper lower power computers.

  8. Charbax Says:

    This is the only Windows XP that works and boots from a 2GB SD card, runs with 258mb ram, 500mhz, with WiFi mesh drivers and drivers for the rest of the OLPC XO-1 hardware.
    Sugar OS was finished, the stable release is not available. Why pay contract software developpers more. Governments and the open source community will improve the Sugar core and make and translate the softwares for it from now on.

  9. Charbax Says:

    You guys are clueless about the OLPC project. They aren’t cutting half the staff, they are not renewing contracts with contract software developpers. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple everyone else are doing the same thing. And OLPC is a tiny organization.

    Microsoft did a special version of Windows XP for the OLPC that uses less hardware requirements then the Windows XP for example on netbooks.

  10. loydwho Says:

    Are you guys dj’s working in a radio station or just two dudes with webcams.

  11. growingneeds Says:

    1. I’ve missed Bryan and Chris doing their duo.
    2. Please have a go at the Amazon EC2 service. How does it compare with other web hosting services? What possibilities does EC2 open up (with or without with S3)?
    3. Bryan’s audio level was significantly louder than Chris’. This difference in audio volume was not apparent when LAS was conducted in the same room. Can such an issue be fixed?
    4. Chris is staple to LAS. (I need LAS. Ergo, I need Chris.)
    5. Bryan is awesome.

  12. never3st Says:

    i’m curious to see you guys behind a desk together like the real newscasts. wonder if you’d ever adopt that format?

  13. librano Says:

    aaahh I’ve been craving an episode like this for ages… like I said before… entertainment, news, educational and 100% Linux in one healthy dose!

    thanks Chris n Bryan!

  14. Pforc3 Says:

    Im not sure if it was and what versions you have there in the US. Seemed so cool that I would buy it but for me it would need to have phone functionality too.

    Fun video to watch, keep em coming. CES roundup for anything interesting from u guys would be nice!

  15. Pforc3 Says:

    I really dont see why whine abt the mics, sound quality is 100% better than other youtube videos. The guy on the right was mixed a lot louder, that kinda got my attention :)

    Well OLPC is a shame, kids in africa or whatever that use a computer for the first time would have needed a simpler UI than XPs complicated ****.

    Pre seems nice on hardware level. I think I saw the never version of that N810 device here in Finland, Oulu at my unix programming course when we checked our maemo :D

  16. davefretty Says:

    I don’t think the OLPC came out too late and wasn’t successful because of the Intel Classmate and netbooks. I think it created a revolution in affordable portable computers. I think it will probably die but it does leave behind a legacy….Acer Apire One, EEE Pc and HP Mini Linux. No manufacturers were thinking about making these devices until they announced plans for the OLPC. It’s often the case that the real innovator in markets don’t have the success later products have
    Think Newton Vs Ipod.

  17. notanavrageloser Says:

    I don’t know why they would disable the command line in the HP. I’d rather they just came up with some ridiculous, obscure key combination I had to punch in to access it.

    But here’s hoping they keep the package manager sane and alt+F2 still brings up the run dialog. Then it’ll only be a matter of time before we see xterm on it.

  18. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    Hey no hard feelings, I just get that comment a lot. I can’t link to it in the comments, but check out in our channel, I did a video that goes into the mics.

  19. jimjimovich Says:

    No, I didn’t see the other vids. Don’t get offended, the show had great content, just the microphones really are distracting.

  20. r0wd3 Says:

    I don’t understand why some are not liken the big mikes. Makes you guys sound great, and more professional.

  21. jupiterbroadcasting Says:

    Dude, have you not seen the 25 other videos that don’t have the mics in the videos? Geeze.


  22. jimjimovich Says:

    Still guys, could you please do something about the huge microphones?

  23. thehowzer Says:

    Amazon EC2 walkthrough/review sounds cool to me.

  24. JonReagan Says:

    Just a thought on the hp mini not coming with a command line. Even if it doesn’t come with a command line, those smart enough to use a command line can get it (as brian pointed out). It removes the fear the average user has of possibly messing something up with the command line. Obviously it’s not built with the average linux geek in mind. ;)

    In a way, it is unfortunate (I like using the command line too), but hey, it’s perfect for HP’s target audience for the device.


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