Tips On Maintaining Your Apple iPod Battery

apple63 Tips On Maintaining Your Apple iPod Battery
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If you are in the market for a new Apple iPod, you may be enthusiastic at the idea of putting it to use immediately. However make certain that you are aware of how to keep your new iPod running and looking great for years to come. Specifically because a brand-new Apple iPod is going to cost you more than just a few dollars, you want to make certain that your doing everything possible to take proper care of it, so you do not end up throwing your hard earned money at a newer one sooner than you wish to.

Here are a few pointers to keep you or recover from possibly one or more of these likely problems in an Apple iPod; one main problem being that of a dead battery. If you wish to maintain your Apple iPod without being chained to a plug, you need to keep your battery in good running condition. While Apple works hard to build a product with a battery life that is long-lasting, the fact is that now and then batteries do wear out unfortunately.

While this is definitely something that is not desired, it does happen occasionally, and you should be mindful of what steps to take if it does happen, as well as what are the best ways to minimize the risk that your battery will wear out anytime soon.

One good rule of thumb is to have your Apple iPod kept away from temperature extremes. Even if you plan to be in a bank or grocery store for just a few minutes, do not fall for the temptation of leaving your iPod inside of your car, since extremely cold or extremely warm temperatures has the capability of damaging your battery. When your Apple iPod is not in use, make certain to keep it in sleep mode so you are not having the battery rundown.

In the Event Your Battery Does Run Dead

When the first Apple iPods were introduced, the option of having replacement batteries was not offered. In place of that, Apple’s expectations for consumers were that by the time they needed to replace a battery, you, as a user, would buy a refurbished Apple iPod at a significant price.

After some very highly publicized complaints from consumers in regards to battery problems, including a class-action lawsuit, Apple designed and developed a battery replacement program which costs much less than the original cost of repair an Apple iPod that had a dead battery.

If your looking to try the do-it-yourself route you should have a battery that will have a longer life on each charge. There are third-party manufacturers that do offer replacement kits that have batteries that very often exceed the power of the batteries that the Apple iPod comes supplied with.

It is important to keep in mind, though, of some difficulties that some models have: IPod Nanos have batteries that are soldered onto the main board, and the latest iPods have batteries that are glued to the back plate. Even if you happen to not own one of these two models, be cautious when you handle the battery yourself. When in doubt, your battery replacement should be done by Apple Computer.

However, if you follow some of the tips listed above and use some care, the battery in your Apple iPod will have a very long life.

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