Xbox 360 unboxing. just got back from microsoft

tankman20 asked:

its been about 3 weeks since i sent my xbox to microsoft for the RROD. and now i finally got it back

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  1. adamhoopstar Says:

    do they give 1 month to all ppl that send it in for repair?

  2. tankman20 Says:

    usually if you dont have one on your orignal system you wont get one with a HDMI port on the new one. but i guess theres always a chance.

  3. TheMightyDuck07 Says:

    dude did your xbox get fitted with an HDMI port cos mine dusnt have one and i just sent it off, will i get on fitted ?

  4. DaBxGhost08 Says:

    YEA!!!!!!!! LOL

  5. CarnageXB Says:

    I did that 2 days in a row.

  6. PrivateMaster Says:

    Be careful of those nasty Red Rings of Death.

  7. carlitocoolio Says:

    mine was supposed to cum abck today but cuz of gthe gay snow its beeen rescheduled

  8. tankman20 Says:

    haha thats tomorrow. just don’t miss the ups dude

  9. Braves2077 Says:

    dude i get mine back feburary 4th!!!!! ahhhhhhh!

  10. tankman20 Says:

    the only good that happened here was that it was the red ring so it was free. i wouldnt pay them 100 bucks

  11. tankman20 Says:

    yeah they just send you a refurbished one so they can get it back to you quicker

  12. LiLSouljaBoy32 Says:

    WOOT Gears Of War!!! did u get a new Xbox 360?

  13. LiLSouljaBoy32 Says:

    my 360 messed up and i sent it off 2 days ago i hope it dosent take to long i had to pay 100 dollars :(

  14. vajarel Says:

    you’ve got a ps3 to????

  15. tankman20 Says:

    hopefully. i dont feel like dealing with this shit again

  16. tankman20 Says:

    it takes forever to get back to you. and all you do is think about playing xbox lol

  17. amerind2007 Says:

    yea i hope ur lucky and dont have to send that one in cause its gonna turn into a cycle which doesnt stop, im gettin my new elite from dell in about 2 weeks with shipping or sometin like dat so shit idc care anymore

  18. crazywookie62 Says:

    mine broke like 2 days ago my repair box comes this monday coming. got the 3 red rings of death. :(

  19. Loser881 Says:

    this video blows whos holding the tape recorder a monkey gosh

  20. sess224 Says:

    whats up donte

  21. tankman20 Says:

    this was the first time i sent it in. and it was totally free so it doesnt matter to me. lol but sorry to hear about your elite.

  22. amerind2007 Says:

    sorry to tell you but ms does a pretty bad job REPAIRING your xbox, i sent my elite in 3 times and i just dont care any more so im just gonna buy a new arcade since dell is selling them right now for 154 and put my hard drive on it, suggest u consider doing the same man!!! no pressure though bro


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