Running rm -rf / on Linux

estaticd asked:

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I’ve known for a long time to stay away from the short, sweet and simple “rm -rf /” command. It deletes every file on any writable filesystem mounted by a *nix system, but what exactly happens? This video is running on a VM and shows what happens.

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  1. Seretur00 Says:

    try sudo dd if=/dev/random of=/

  2. steamtt Says:

    was ez

  3. maxcoollol Says:

    I just tried it and now my computer doesn’t work anymore ^_^

  4. internetfan5103 Says:

    at 1:59 the error had no font or lang to speak so thats why that happened. (squares happened)

  5. gaban06 Says:

    poor tuxxD

  6. superhackar Says:


  7. gordonjcp Says:

    Nah. A single pass of random data will wipe out anything beyond any hope of recovery on any drive made in the last ten years. Forget all this 27 trillion passes of some arcane pattern, it’s nonsense.

    We’ve come a long, long way from MFM drives where you could see the individual bits with special magnetic ink and a microscope.

  8. seansfilms Says:

    haha, that error was my favorite :)

  9. AWvids Says:

    it’s because when Unix was created (what Linux is based off of) , the people that made it wanted a more open and efficient working environment, with the ability to tell the computer to delete things and kill itself at will, and it’s a good thing that they havent taken that feature away because then us computer geeks would have no entertainment!lol jkjkjkjk

  10. schmidtbag Says:

    this isn’t formatting, its just deleting, so the files are still recoverable

  11. R3D3S1GN Says:

    The above comment was directed at zecle

  12. R3D3S1GN Says:

    lol.. this video was only to show what rm -rf / did, quit bitching. its for entertainment

  13. Compgenius999 Says:

    if u really needed to get rid of everything, rip the hard drive out, open it up and snap the internal disk, then run a magnet through the hard drive so there is no chance of recovery

  14. brunofin12 Says:

    This command was made for delete files not the whole HD. It’s the same as running something like “remove C:\file.dat” on Windows. If you do “remove C:” it’s the same thing, it’s just something stupid to do. It was not made for a situation like… “Hey they’re here! go! run that command that deletes everything, go go!!”

  15. d0n7r33dd15 Says:

    what a great operating system

  16. EnumaRos Says:

    Мне чуть не поплохело от этого видео сначала, как представил что у себя так же сделаю :)
    Спасли меня последние кадры, где видно что сделано это было из-под virtualBox’а :)

  17. craigcrawford114 Says:

    Windows has a similar command. See my videos.

  18. portalcake625 Says:

    write in fucking UTF-8

  19. portalcake625 Says:

    maybe hide some **** form their girlfriend…

  20. ale12396 Says:

    I did that, and when I rebooted, when GRUB was loading, it said “Error 15″.

  21. enyawix Says:

    zecle a linux user would need to hide the same stuff as windows user. This video is stupid. A quick dd command would be just an secure. dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/$harddrive bs=512

  22. zecle Says:

    what the point of such command ? do linux users have something to hide ? like in case of the policemen break into their home ?
    fucking ******* process !

  23. HardcoreIstKrieg Says:

    fucking *** music my friend

  24. shakazzolo Says:

    COOL! I never tried that… lol

  25. IdOnTLikEtHiSrAp Says:

    WTF ???


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