How to Fix Any Google Slap

google57 How to Fix Any Google Slap
Daniel Pereira asked:

I almost cried! In fact, maybe I did cry, I actually don’t remember. But, if I didn’t cry then I was definitely cursing under my breath and plotting ways to destroy Google, which isn’t very typical behavior for a grown Mormon man living in Utah. You see, I was very excited when I had finally launched my website selling my very first digital product. I went through the normal routine for Google AdWords and gladly decided to start my keyword bids at 30 cents per click.

The first couple of days of advertising went pretty well and I started to make some sales from all of my efforts, but then disaster strikes! For almost all of my main keywords, Google slapped me and wanted $1, $2, $5, and $10 per click! Very frustrated and in a panic, I eventually decided to take my business to Yahoo and settled for a lot less traffic, but for around the same price per click.

Eventually, months after this whole event happened, I learned that there has been one common factor to the types of websites that had been affected by this famous slap. That common factor was that most of the sites affected had very little content. In my case, my site was a brand new one page sales letter, so Google decided to slap me. Supposedly Google doesn’t see a one page website as a very relevant, even if you are selling a product that solves all of your website visitors’ problems. Google wants to provide people their visitors with lots of great and relevant content, and in Google’s mind, one page isn’t going to accomplish this goal.

Now that I knew why Google decided to slap me and other people’s sites, I needed a solution. With my internet marketing know-how, I knew that there were probably just two simple things that I needed in order to undo my slap from Google. The first step was to set up a simple blog on my site and to start posting. The second step was to submit a sitemap to Google so that they would spider, index and rank my site more often.

Did the plan work? You bet it did! After a few weeks, Google started to spider, index and rank my blog posts very frequently since I was providing them with pages and pages of fresh content. The AdWords costs for that site returned to normal quickly, but now, I don’t even need to pay for AdWords. Since Google is spidering, indexing, and ranking my site, I am getting free Google traffic. Many of these visitors are turning into buyers. What I’m saying here is that if you fix a Google Slap, you will set up your site so that it starts getting free traffic. If you generate enough of this free traffic, you may not even need to worry about paying for it.

So, will this two step process fix any Google Slap? Well, for the most part it should. What Google really wants is to provide it’s users with the most relevant search results, and that goes for AdWords as well. If you take a look at the guidelines that Google has provided for AdWords, then you will discover that almost all of these guidelines revolve around the concepts of having relevant landing pages and a high quality site. You will learn that Google truly believes that “content is king.” If you abide by this concept as well, then Google will view your site as king.

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