Why Is Linux Preferred For Web Hosting

linux13 Why Is Linux Preferred For Web Hosting
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The internet has assumed unfathomable popularity leading to advanced developments that has helped the dreams of visionaries to take concrete shape. The shaping up of websites from the plain simple ones to the modern one where use of high end applications is prevalent speaks volumes about this medium that has provided us with enormous opportunities. Who would have thought that internet would one day help us in bridging the gap and facilitate business potentials to unassuming proportions?

What is Linux?

Nowadays online business is conducted in a sophisticated manner with the help of technologies like ASP, PHP, JSP and others. These technologies need a platform called operating systems to help assimilate all the web based components for our utility. These operating systems are the mainframe for hosting of websites. The most commonly used operating systems are Linux and Microsoft Windows. These are the servers on which you host your website and conduct business effortlessly.

Reasons for Linux being the chosen one

The Linux server has been designed jointly by several IT companies like Suse, Mandrake and Red Hat especially for professional application of the community. Because of its backup unit Linux is a strong, reliable and inexpensive of all the platforms that are used.

Maintenance of quality and security

Linux has proved its mettle in the security and quality departments without causing a dent in the pocket. No wonder there is so much demand for Linux. As far as advanced technologies are concerned Linux is most compatible to help in the efficient functioning of ASP, PERL, PHP and MySQL. You can get a Linux server that provides you with the desktop applications and server applications like FTP, DNS Server, File Server, and Web Server known for their stability at no cost at all. Linux is known to provide an uptime of approximately 99.9 percent.

Protection against any undesirable attacks

Linux is known to withstand any virus attacks, spam and hacking and cause less damage. The infrastructure is something to contend with along with the software that makes up for the robust nature of the Linux server.

User Friendly

It is very easy to host your website on a Linux server. When you use a web based tool like Front Page ensure the presence of the relevant extensions such as .cgi, .php, .html, .xml, .htm, .shtml etc. This is necessary when uploading any HTTP features. Thus it is vital to choose the Front Page extensions while designing the site. Nowadays you can purchase the Front Page extensions that can be installed

A web site that is suitable for uploading on a Linux based server can be hosted on a Windows server also but the process is not reversible as in the case of Windows based server websites.

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