Why Google is so Popular ?

google31 Why Google is so Popular ?
Rajeev Guglani asked:

Nowadays everyone seems to talk about Google. What makes Google so popular and great? Well the answer lies in these facts. Only this search engine has the capability to search more than 9 million urls. Google is able to crawl and index multiple pages at the same time and increase the chances of getting what you have been looking for. This returns more relevant results for your website. On the basis of a query Google returns the result that most likely match with your query and criteria. So you are able to get information on the top.

Google is fast and simple to use. In less than a second you are able to find the most results. Google also shows the cached version of the web page. Day by day Google is improving their results continuously. It provides results with information and links related to your query. Google helps to make and quickly find what you are searching for.

Lot of people trusts Google and this is the biggest search engine. People in good companies want to use it and put ads in these. There are also many choices in Google. There can be different results for different countries. So you can have a variety of choice and information forms all other world. Besides these Google are most dominant search engines in web. It is hard to think about web without Google. Google has entered in almost every aspect our our life.

Google marketing feature have covered various products like Google analytics, Google alerts, Google checkout, Google eblogger, Google toolbar-enterprise version. Google groups, Google adsense etc. and continuously research is going on these products to enhance it further.

The most popular online advertising tool these days has been Google AdWords. People are moving towards Google ad words that have something to offer by the way of products and services. Some people generally loose money through fraud clicks and bad techniques adopted by them. Google adword has become one of the top ways of money earning program and you can also implement ways to use get and use this program free of cost.

Adsense has been vital part of Google marketing. This has allowed webmasters to put content relevant advertisements on their websites. If a visitor clicks one of the adsense ads served to the website, the owner is credited for referral

Thus Google on its 9th birthday has become online electronic hub of human knowledge as it hold the distinction of indexing around billions of web pages as well as images ,books and vides . Google was registered in 1997 and it was officially launched one year later. People faith on Google has been growing as they are able to get the most exact and reliable information. Happy birth day Google. Go ahead with more innovations in the near future.

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