Various Problems With Reiser Fs File System Cause Data Loss in Linux

linux52 Various Problems With Reiser Fs File System Cause Data Loss in Linux
shally spears asked:

When the Reiser FS kernel detects an error on the hard drive, it prints some error messages on the screen. It might be a bug. In the Super Block of Reiser FS file system, there is an Error pasture. It is set when file system kernel notices something bad.

So, what happens in this case? May be the Linux user could not read Syslog and could not see the error message or the error is simple an overture of memory corruption, which could lead system to crash.

In such situations, when you reboot the system, this goes in the merry way, mounting Reiser FS file system with known errors on the same, using badly allocated memory locations, B-trees and directories etc. Double allocation of memory blocks and overwriting of blocks may also take place, making the files corrupt.

The final result of this whole problem would be the severe file system corruption. At this point of time, it becomes completely impossible to fix the file system errors for the user. No disk repair utility can detect the errors.

In even the worse scenario, the Reiser FS read Super Block code overwrites the Super Block at mount time. It makes the situations worse and the file system totally useless. After crash, you might come across the following error messages:

“S->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_state = SB_REISERFS_STATE(s);

s->u.reiserfs_sb.s_mount_state = REISERFS_VALID_FS”

In these grave situations, if you continue using system, the problems may become more terrible. The ultimate results of this whole mishap would be the loss of your critical business as well as personal data stored on your Linux hard drive.

At this point of time, the only thing which can save you from going out of business is data recovery Linux. It is the way out to retrieve all of your lost, missing and inaccessible data from logically failed Linux hard drive.

Data recovery Linux can be easily effectively and completely performed with the help of Linux data recovery software. Linux recovery software are easy to use tools, which systematically scan your affected Linux hard drive and extract as much data as possible.

To ensure trouble-free, safe and quick Linux data recovery, it is extensively important to purchase a highly developed and influential data recovery Linux tool. A Linux recovery software of trusted brand will give you the best data recovery Linux results.

Stellar Phoenix  Linux Data Recovery software is the most comprehensive Linux recovery software, offered by the data recovery industry leader- Stellar Information Systems Ltd. With commanding scanning algorithms and methodical scan, it extracts all of your lost data.

Interactive user interface, read only and non destructive nature, live update, and systematic scan are some of the main features which make this Linux data recovery software world class. Phoenix  Linux Recovery is usable with all flavors of Linux operating system.

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