A Bad Apple Logic Board Can be Very Inexpensive to Repair

apple A Bad Apple Logic Board Can be Very Inexpensive to Repair
Apple Logic Board Repair Reviewed asked:

 The cost savings of having your apple logic board repaired instead of swapped out completely add up to over $800 dollars on some apple computer models. Quotes in excess of $1000 dollars have been issued for the replacement logic board and labor! Finding the right facility to repair an apple logic board instead of replacement can make a big difference.

 That is the tricky part. Finding an apple repair center that can repair the board itself can take months to find then MONTHS to get the repair finished. Proper logic board repaira do take a longer time to complete properly due to Q/A testing of the actual apple computer repair. A week or 7 business days is a reasonable expectation for a normal turn around time on a mail in apple laptop repair.

 I don’t think even apple them self could beat 7 days on a logic board swap anyway. So that is reasonable for a smaller company to meet or even sometimes beat. I believe it is worth a week of down time to save $800 dollars and I bet you do also!

 The apple logic board repair company should have at least a 90 day warranty. Sadly, a lot of companies that install refurbished boards can’t even offer a warranty on the board itself.That is another reason to have your current logic board repaired properly instead of replaced. You know the history behind your computer. You could end up with some 17 year old kids logic board who spilled coke on it and played video games 24-7! We all understand how much stress and heat video games cause to logic boards!

  The price for a correct apple logic board repair should vary based on model and speed of the apple laptop or desk top to be repaired. At most it should not exceed $250 dollars and include return insured shipping and a 90 day warranty. At that price it is much less expensive than buying a whole new laptop or apple desktop. You have the security of knowing the past history of your complete computer.

 Make sure the apple repair center has the ability to replace actual components on the board itself. The machinery to do this cost hundreds of thousands because it must be done with inhuman precision. Some apple logic board components require proper alignment of over 160 TINY pins. Impossible for a human to remove or install these types of components without error or mechanical assistance!
 The reward of saving $600 or $800 dollars on a repair is sweet. Getting your computer fixed for $250 after you spilled coke in it is even better! Yes, any honest board level repair facility should be able to fix most liquid spills. There are very few liquid spills that cannot be fixed by a proper application of logic board repair techniques!

 Hopefully you are now inspired to save that rotten apple computer, you know the one you love so much until it had come down with a bad logic board? With the cost of living going up consider repairing an older computer you may have lying around and give it to one of your children to save money instead of buying new. Knowing the computers history is a huge plus. 

 When running a business from your computer, you really need a back up. That is another great reason to get that broken mac repaired instead of tossing it and buying a new one. Most likely if you have it repaired you can Easily resell it for a lot more working than you paid to repair the logic board. All of there things should be considered when you are saving so much money on the apple computer repair itself!



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