Tips For Converting Windows User To Linux

Linux23 Tips For Converting Windows User To Linux
Chander shekhar Riat asked:

A survey reveals that many businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions and other big organizations are switching over to Linux. What could be the cause of converting Windows user to Linux? These organizations are also switching over to free software for their application programs from the traditional commercial software. Here are some of the plausible reasons for this conversion at such a fast pace.

The foremost reason could be that Linux is available under a free software license and that it is available free of cost. One can easily download it from the Internet and that too for free. Moreover, one can also buy at minimal cost in the form of a disk or box. Another good thing about this operating system is that you can use one copy on as many computers, without any limitation. On other hand Microsoft Windows comes at a good sum of money.

Secondly, Linux is built from open source and free software, which gives its user the freedom to modify it. Even the source can be modified in any way. This again is in contrast with Microsoft Windows that does not permit for the modification of the software. Many organizations prefer Linux because of the freedom given to modify the source code without revealing it to any outsider.

Thirdly, you can easily find high quality support for this operating system on the Internet – for free! Many newsgroups and other forums provide this help. And for commercial needs, you can purchase Linux support at reasonable rates. With this operating system you do not need patches to cope with security threats or to fix bugs. These two things are very uncommon and infrequent for Linux.

Linux is based on the UNIX architecture that makes it almost free of any major obsolescence. The UNIX has been tried, tested and refined for above 35 years now. It is proven now that it extremely efficient, secure and robust. Although new versions are being brought into the market but the base remains the same and so does the security factor.

Besides this, the Linux users do not have to undergo any forced upgrades. The reason behind this fact is that older versions are not discontinued to be supported. And the newer versions are, again, available for free and are compatible with the older ones. If you use to upgrade a new version then you are not required to pay any licensing fee or any software cost. With Linux you can be sure that the even the others cost associated with upgrading to a new version are relatively low.

Lastly, Linux is known for its superior quality. It is very much immune to infection by viruses, resistant to system crashes and hardly needs rebooting. This is so because right from the beginning it was created with security in mind!

Summary: Linux is one of the less known operating systems but some of its features are better than the Microsoft Windows. It is based on free software and open source. This makes it easier for the user to modify it and that is why it is available for free of cost too. Even the new versions are compatible with the older ones and are available at no extra cost.

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